A note from a former self

When you’re an adult sometimes its nice to revisit your past. Since moving home in February I’ve been going through mass amounts of knickknacks, old drawings, old stories and articles I’ve written.

What was even more interesting, were some notes I found that had been passed to me by some of my best friends in high school. Most of them were folded in the standard six or four fold, and some were folded with care in origami style. It saddens me to think the youth of today will never get to experience this. Everything is so instant, and readily at their fingertips. Text messages disappear in an instant with nothing to remember them by in the future. With handwritten notes, you could at least see the handwriting and get a glimpse into the personality of the people you chose to surround yourself with, or as I have come to call them; family. I just hope personality shines through for the youth of today in technology and remains in their memories.

The highlight of some of these notes, is having no clue what we were talking about. As hard as I tried to jog my memory, I still couldn’t figure it out.

A recent friendship helped put the non-sensical note in perspective.  When I’ve become friends with someone, ultimately I respect their privacy and their wishes to keep something in confidence between the two of us. Recently I befriended someone at work and out of respect to her, I kept something personal a secret, but wanted to know how she was doing. This requires discretion and cleverness in conversation in front of others. Even though the nature of the secret wasn’t anything earth-shaking, it was still important to her to use discretion. In order to ask her about her current situation I relied on my old modus operandi…speaking in code.

A light bulb went off and suddenly I find that some things still just don’t change.

Despite the light bulb going off, it still doesn’t explain what we were talking about in the past on those wrinkly blue lined notes.

Do you miss passing notes?  What were you surprised to find when going through some of your memories?


321 thoughts on “A note from a former self

  1. Love this entry. I miss days of old as well and it’s interesting to see whenever I have the opportunity to go through old collectables that I am basically the same outsider. Just with more sophistication, acceptance of body and self confidence lopped on top. Lol. Touching blog entry.~

    • DEFINITELY a lesson in how to fold the paper again! Ha ha ha! Basically it was how the treatment of the situation was handled, we always wrote in code in high school in case someone accidentally found our notes, we even went as far as having “pen names” which were essentially our favorite cartoon characters! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. I can’t tell you how many notes I folded in this exact same way — and yet, I have no recollection of how to do it now! This is sad, as I’d love to teach my kiddos…

    I absolutely loved passing notes — and you’re right, it’s a tragedy that my children will not have that box full of notes in the garage when they grow up. I still do.


    • You know what? There might be an instructional diagram through Google? I think I accidentally stumbled on it when trying to find the picture for this blog! Maybe you can revive the art of note writing with your kiddos? It all starts with one idea and one person! 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!!

      • I folded notes the same way too! I came across some of my old ones while cleaning out stuff at my parents’ home. All of them made me smile; so much drama in high school but so much fun too. 🙂

  3. I was an avid not passer in my youth and do certainly miss it. I still send a little notebook back and forth with my childhood bestfriend. We live on opposite sides of the country, but there is nothing like a letter or drawing to cheer me up.

    • What an excellent idea! How often do you exchange notebooks with your friend? This is an excellent alternative to texting and who doesn’t look forward to something in their mailbox? 🙂 What are some of your favorite drawings?

    • I love this idea of a notebook, travelling back and forth! I wish I had thought of this when I was younger. At school, letter-writing and drawing doodles to each other was so much fun. A particular technical skill was the extravagant application of stickers on envelopes. One of my friends in her 30’s still sends me envelopes slathered in animal stickers. Although I’m outwardly embarrassed at receiving it in my mail, inwardly I’m thrilled! Hee!

  4. Oh yes, how I miss passing notes! I am now in my forties, I kept a file of a few of those handwritten high school notes to my friend that I had nicknamed Emma Butternut. I have often thought about what you wrote above. Thanks

    • Do you still keep in touch with Emma Butternut? WHAT A GREAT CODE NAME!!! I think even though we are older we should at least spend one stamp a month and send a note to an old friend…folded in origami style!

  5. I remember those folded notes! Sometimes I took so much time folding them exactly right that I think the point of it for me was to present something beautifully done, rather than the note itself!

    • Sometimes the way something is presented (as you said) is the gift itself! WOW! Well said! Hmmm…you gave me an idea for Christmas presents! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

    • Oh wow, you aren’t kidding about the, “Things we were concerned about!” ha ha ha!!! Sometimes the notes were about if something was spotted hanging out of our nose or something goofy like that! What was your favorite out of the ones you sent?

      • hahaha That is glorious! My favorites definitely were the ones that included our code names for the boys we thought were cute. All we did was scramble the letters in their names or call them by their favorite color! LOL SOOO easy to figure out…good thing those notes weren’t ever intercepted by said cuties! 😉

  6. Like many things (books especially) it is sad that passing notes has become become a victim of technology. Messages were a lot safer back in the day, too. I’ll bet no one ended up in the news or was blackmailed over a hand written note the way they could be over a text message that lasts forever and can be forward to many in an instant.

    • Yeah, you are right on about this! At least a note, if you were caught, it was by the teacher and maybe 30 of your classmates. At least back then after class you could destroy the note and deny the whole thing if you wanted. NOW EVERYONE knows with a touch of a button. It seems technology is a blessing and a curse. It can help people in an instant say if someone is hurt or missing, but then sometimes, its a curse because something so private isn’t taken seriously and passed on to others who shouldn’t have something so sensitive. Thank you for your post! 🙂

  7. I have a suitcase where I keep all the notes I passed in high school. I could still identify who sent the note simply by the way it was folded. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day. Kids will never have the opportunity to miss the feeling of secretly unfolded that precious paper, careful to keep it from the teacher. It just doesn’t happen. Teachers confiscate cell phones now rather than reading mushy love notes aloud. So sad.

    • Oh man! You read my mind! Having a confiscated cell phone is way worse than a confiscated note! Anymore people keep their whole lives in cell phones! The feeling of unfolding that note and getting away with it…ahhh…those were the days! Thank you so much for your post!!! 🙂

  8. Oh the wonders of the handwritten note! Or letter even! You could always tell whether they were angry, sad, happy or just kidding, or whatever else by their handwriting or the amount of pressure of their pen. Even the little sketches in the margin, so unique to each person. No pre set emoticons needed! Thanks for bringing back the memories! 😉

    • EXACTLY! There is so much that can be taken away from a handwritten note as opposed to a text message! The sketches were the best part sometimes! My friend one day had nothing to say, so she drew a huge cloud with a smiley face and said, “This is a happy cloud” and basically said “have a nice day”! Ha ha ha!!! You definitely knew a friend was having a bad day or a good day depending on the pressure and how small the handwriting was! Thank you so much for posting!!! 😉

    • Thank you Veronica! (That is one of my favorite cartoon characters by the way!) That was one of the best feelings in the world, being able to pass something along to a friend secretively as if you were in the FBI and get away with it!!! LOL! Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Aww lovely post! I know I still have a quickly-scribbled sketch of a submarine and a note saying ”TEGAN STOP WATCHING PAINT DRY” (from a friend in a mock art exam) in a cupboard somewhere… The thing is I’m so sentimental that I’m worried I’ll just drown under this sort of stuff one day…. xD

    • HA HA HA!!! What was the reference to the submarine? Are you sure we didn’t have the same best friend in highschool? LOL! As I said above, my best friend drew a huge cloud on one piece of paper and said, “This is a happy cloud” and basically left it at that! HA HA HA!!! The nice thing about drowning under this stuff is your friends will inevitably come find you,…especially the ones that wrote the notes you’re drowning in in the first place. They will remind you how you got there! 🙂

  10. I used to have bags of notes I saved from school. I don’t know how old I was when I finally decided to get rid of them, but I kind of wish now I’d saved at least a few.

  11. I remember the passing of notes in school, and while most of the time they served the purpose of conducting a conversation below the radar of the teacher, a lot of the time notes were used to say mean things about another classmate for the amusement of the passer and receiver. It mostly happened between girls…I think I’m glad that I’m beyond that age now.

    • Usually our notes were just silly stuff or problems we were sorting out as teen-agers…like where we were going to hang out or what we were going to do? Usually if my friend was going to say something mean, she would do it in a Valentine card featuring the Red Power Ranger and tell me my sweater made me look like a turd. Only she spelled it “Terd” I think. Now thinking about it, note passing was usually a girl thing as you say? Even though I’m beyond the age of passing notes, it would be thrilling to get a note in the mail still, you know? 🙂

    • Kimi, Thank you for your post and your congratulations!!! Wouldn’t it be great to make some artwork out of those old notes? Ha ha ha! Thank you so much for your compliment and the congrats on the “Freshly Pressed”! YAAAAAY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

      • Oh yes, poor teachers they really get turned into caricatures! Hilarious. No, I wish I still had those drawings.
        There is a game where you draw one bit of the body starting with the head or feet, fold the paper over and pass it on, that person draws the next part and so on. The results are funny!

    • OH WOW! YAAAAY! You don’t know how much this made my day! Thank goodness the art of note writing isn’t lost. Somehow I think it might be more covert at times than sending a text? 🙂

      • of course! teachers these days totally know when you’re texting, and it is always funny when someone’s phone isn’t on silent, so it is often much safer to write a note!

    • Yep- I graduated in 2010 and we still passed notes when I was in school. I didn’t have a cell phone until my junior year so I passing notes was one of my only options. Plus I think we did it because it was fun 🙂

      • There is just something fun about being mischevious isn’t there? Notes are way more discreet sometimes too! Thank you so much for posting and telling us the art of note passing isn’t lost! 🙂

  12. I can totally relate to this post! In third grade my friend in I would pass notes together in class then the teacher would catch us and hold on to them!! Haha, on a better note, this year (I’m in 8th grade), the same friend in used an elastic to slingshot a slip of paper across the room, with an ongoing conversation on it! Good memories 🙂

    • WHAT?! How did you get away with it? That is AWESOME! Obviously I’m not very good at being visually discrete hence speaking in code even in notes. Hopefully there wasn’t anything too personal in those notes! It always stunk when a teacher got ahold of one! Next time you get caught just say, “Hey, I’m working on my grammar!” 🙂

  13. I have all my letters from my best friend, we went to different colleges after school and she moved to the next town shortly after, whenever we saw each-other we would have our letters to pass on….i’m sure now i would cringe and roll about laughing at them! Thank-you for reminding me of this memory, i am going to message my friend and we can have a night reading our teenage notes together! haha 😀 Thank-you

    • Oh wow! You have to let me know how this went! Or at least you have to write a blog entry about how you reconnected with an old friend over long lost notes! How cool is that you guys had your own delivery system at different times! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

    • Glad to hear not all is lost! It gives me hope that future generations will still enjoy a handwritten note being tapped on their shoulder in class as opposed to an annoying ringtone in the middle of lecture! However I will say Twitter and Facebook are great ways to catch up with classmates and fellow students for a study day! 🙂 Wonder why the university policy isn’t as strict on phone usage in class? Are you by chance a teacher/professor?

      • No, I’m a student 🙂
        I suppose it’s alot harder to police phone use in lectures of 50+ than in a small classroom of under 30.
        Also more often than not facebook and twitter are used to complain about the lecture (as well as to continue private conversations) 😀

  14. I love a note from a former self. I recently revisited the past and I can’t believe how when you remember one thing a whole flood of memories comes rushing back. It’s crazy how you could have ever forgotten any of it, isn’t it?

  15. I do miss the time when the coolest thing to do is to pass on some notes. I have a large plastic bag full of letters from classmates and friends. In fact, I took a glimpse of them once again, last night. Re-discovering these letters makes me think of how grown up I have become… and wonder whether those letter senders did just the same, figuratively or metaphysically. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. 😀

    • You know, there is no time like the present to figure out if your friends did just that! Sometimes you will find they’ve grown up, but the traits that made you fall in love with them and make them your family, are still there. It’s great when you have read it, and then you rediscover it in person all over again. In fact I just did that tonight with one of my high school best friends! 🙂

  16. Yeah, every time i was passing note’s it was mostly about girls, lol. The do you like me check Yes or No letter and I’m sure we all remember that one huh? And when you say speaking in code do you mean pig Latin because i find that most women use that to chit chat with each other. Anywho this was definitely a blast from the past post – well for us atleast now a days its all texting isn’t it? -,o


    • OH WOW! Do I remember that one?! Ha ha ha! Only received one of those sadly and it was in 6th grade! By speaking in code I mean making up names for the friend we’re sending the letter to, and making a name up for our love interest at that time…and not directly addressing the said situation but making up covert names for it much like a military operation! 🙂

  17. Wow, this brings back some fun memories–the alternating ink colors, the codes, the drawings! My best friend and I went to different high schools and wrote notes to one another when we knew we would get together on Wednesday nights. The silliest thing though was the order of our meeting: 1) run, smile and hug as if we just met, 2) exchange the all-important notes, 3) read the notes (while sitting right next to one another, of course), 4) then, talk about the notes we just finished reading. Thanks for this! It made me smile and wish I had some old notes to re-read…and decipher.

    • HA HA HA! Especially love steps 3 and 4! Oh how funny! Its so funny of the idea of exchanging notes when you could tell the other person since they are right there! However, I’m sure the notes helped you to remember what you were wanting or needing to talk about! HOW COOL! 🙂 Hopefully you still stay in touch with that friend?

  18. Great post. It reminded me too of those folded paper fortune-teller things (I obviously don’t remember what we called them) that predicted future spouses, number of children, etc. Do kids still make those?!

    • You know what, I’m not sure if kids still make them; but when I’m at a restaurant and they have those little mints they give you after dinner…I use the wrapper to make those! Obviously its very tiny and has to be opened with a tooth pick perhaps…but you know maybe its only us adults that do this now? HA HA HA!!! Surely there is an app that does all this now! 🙂 Thanks for that! Glad to know people still think about them!!!

  19. I’ve found notes before in my drawers and they always bring back memories and are so much fun to read! Not all youth are so into technology that they don’t write notes I have a younger brother in middle school that still likes to write notes from time to time so all hope is not lost!

    • YAAAY!!! Not all hope is lost! So glad to hear he is carrying on the tradition! Do you keep special notes in drawers where you will purposely find them? (Sort of like a surprise from a friend when you need it most.) I kind of do that with trinkets and notes, and leave them in places where I know I’ll need inspiration. 🙂

      • Yeah honestly I keep my notes right where I find them which is usually in a drawer so one day when I’m looking through I’ll find them again

  20. I LOVED passing notes with my friends. I had two huge boxes underneath my bed and sometimes I would pull it out and look at them. I think I threw them all away, which makes me really sad after reading this post.

  21. Wonderful point about the lost art of “passing notes”. The coming generations are going to have their memories of youth, but most certainly are going to miss out on the intimacy and beauty of the handcrafted note. It was a skill, not only to write a note that wouldn’t get you into trouble should the teacher snatch it, but also to pass those notes in class without the teacher snatching them.

    Our lives were filled with creativity and cleverness everyday, each memory handmade and handcrafted out of purpose…and love and friendship. Thanks for sharing such a amazing post!

    • You know what? You said it all right there! Hopefully you saw the post above where a student (who is currently in school) used a rubber-band to pass notes back and forth?! That takes some smooth skills to be able to do that!

      Sadly I agree with you though, the intimacy is lost in a text message that could be conveyed in a handwritten note! The thrill is lost in a text message or a tweet, there isn’t really any effort involved in risking getting caught with sensitive information.

      Maybe that is the other thing with note passing, you knew if the person really wanted to be your friend if they were determined to get that note to you. Maybe with technology today it gets harder to tell who is a true friend? Hmmm. Thanks for this comment! 🙂

  22. I never had friends to pass notes with at school – my one friend always sat next to me, so we could as well whisper – but the talking in code thing – haha, we (my school friend and me) are ten years out of school, still best friends, and we have so many in-jokes and weird words that no-one else could make sense of our conversations.
    Though I sometimes get confused myself – like the time I found a note to myself I’d written while we talked, and absolutely could not remember what I meant by “humpback whales”!

    • That sounds like a WONDERFUL friend! It’s better to have one best friend who you can trust in with everything than multiple friends who you only share glimpses of your life with! I love that you can’t remember what the note to yourself meant! Your friend sounds like a hoot! 🙂 Sometimes when you go back and read these notes, it creates a whole new set of jokes between you and the best friend! Have you recently had any new in-jokes? 🙂

      • I think the most recent one is saying “noodles!” instead of “enough!” (because “pasta” sounds almost like Italian “basta!”)
        We can have whole conversations that won’t make sense to anyone else. “How cinnamon!” – “I know, totally nutmeg.” – “Maybe they’re foggy.”

  23. I wasn’t really much of a note-passer. Rather, I would just sneak across an entire classroom (don’t ask me how I got away with it, because I taught for six years and I noticed if someone would move only a desk away!) and just whisper.
    But one of the things that always gives me a grin is the old pictures from dances. Me and whatever girl I happen to be going to that dance with. There’s one picture that my daughter REFUSED to believe was me. She said, “Daddy…you’re really ugly in this picture. But that girl? She’s pretty…” But, yes, I do enjoy going through old pictures and remembering “back in the day.”

    • HA HA HA!!! WOW…you must have been pretty smooth! I know you said not to ask, but how did you get away with it? WOW…you have skills, or a lot of twenties in your pocket to pay the teachers off! 😉

      That is so funny about the pictures though! From the mouths of babes!!! 🙂 Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  24. I didn’t keep friends notes but I did keep many things like cards and letters from family that came at Christmas and on Birthdays. And in many of thoughs cases the people that sent or gave them to me are now gone.

    Every few years I go back to that box and I can almost transport myself back to that very moment when I recieved whatever it was and feel the emotion that came with it. I know that when I’m gone that box will meet its end in a fire or a trash can which is fine. The box was always meant for me anyway. It’s my own little time/emotion machine!

    And you’re right it is a bit sad that that day of memories is starting to be drawn away from human kind by technology but all things evolve for better or worse!

    • I love that you can open your card and letter box and go back to when you received it. Surely the box won’t meet a demise in a trash can, someone will see the worth you saw in it and try to step in your shoes and transport themselves back to that time too. 😉 I’ve saved post cards from people I don’t know who have sent them to others. Its just nice to see how people sent sentiments and communicate in a time that was not our own. There is a beauty in something handwritten even if its not meant for you! 🙂

  25. I miss those days so much. Today’s kids send sms or email so that they don’t have something to read again when they are adults. I sometimes open my shoe box (this is where I keep my old notes and love letters 🙂 ) then laugh and even cry as I read through some of those notes or letter. Writing letters or notes on the paper should be taught and encouraged at school. Very nice article….my best regards from Indonesia 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 You know what, I love that you want to encourage passing notes or letters in school! Maybe they could do a trade off program…”phones for notes”! If the teachers started thinking along the lines of students becoming better writers through this practice then maybe the art of passing a note will make a bigger comeback? If they looked at it from an educational point of view, maybe it would work? We can dream right? Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and comment! 😀

  26. When I’ve gone through my old notes I found that the people who I focused on the most were the girl bullies and the boys I liked. What does that say about my former self? Thanks for the interesting post. It really got me thinking…and smiling. : )

    • Glad you got a smile out of this post! You know what it says about your former self? It says you are well rounded. 😉 Who wouldn’t be who they are today if they didn’t have at least one bully and 8 crushes? For me one of the bullies wound up being my best friend, and it all got sorted out…in notes. Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by! 🙂

  27. I have a box of old notes and letters from school that I keep. I rarely open it anymore, but it’s full of a life I once lived. I like to be reminded of those memories: who I was then, and what was so important to me. I’m not sure half the time what I was talking about, but there was someone avidly responding to my concerns.
    I still love getting mail (real, paper mail).
    Congrats on the FP! This was a lovely post!

    • Thank you so much for the congrats! You are so right, even though its something about ourselves from our past, it reminds us we are not alone. It reminds us that no matter what the concern is, big or small, someone at some point in time was there for us listening. What a wonderful comment! Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

    • Rip them open! (I say this in a positive way! ) It would be wonderful if you did a blog post discovering them and trying to map out your past. 🙂 Sounds like a treasure trove of ideas!

  28. I love it! I never kept any of the notes we passed in school – partly because of their mostly mundane nature (read it as “Pass me some pencil lead, would ya?”), the required immediate destruction due to sensitive information inside (lest it gets to the wrong hands by some chance), and their very small format. It was dangerous business passing notes in my high school, as our teachers were pretty strict on it… so most notes traveled tucked inside a gel pen’s cap, or under the pocket clip of a pencil, reducing our notes to short communications on tiny scraps of paper.
    What I do miss from my teenage days are my “memory book” and my “friendship books.” Memory books are little, locked, journal-type booklets that you give to your friends, and they draw you a “memory” – a full-page picture of something nice, often accompanied by a little rhyme or some sort of a writing about your friendship. Naturally, the first page and the last page are the most coveted spots, as these are supposed to be the “guardians” of all other memories! Friendship books were just a regular notebook, where the owner would write a question in the header of each page, then number every line. When you got someone’s friendship book, you picked a number, and started filling out every single question! A lot of us had one for every school year – it was funny to see how our tastes in music, movies, books, and celebrity crushes was changing year to year!

    @Jensine – I’m a postcard freak too! I always send some to my friends from wherever I go!

    • WOW! I love the Memory Book idea! That was something that was never thought of where I grew up? That would be an interesting project to start now and send one to a friend and have them send it to another and then compare how your tastes have changed with those of the ones you had in high-school!

      The covert gel pen and pencil clip tactics are hilarious! It sounds so dangerous! Thank you so much for your comment and what a great memory and description! (May just have to try this now!) Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  29. Oh yeah, I miss passing notes in the hallway and across a classroom.
    I miss letters sent via snail mail from a boyfriend out of state, numbered, dated, tied in a ribbon and filed chronologically in a shoe box. Hundreds of them.

    I miss letters from a soldier love sent via air mail back when men were drafted instead of enlisted. Nothing better than spraying a finished letter with perfume to make his buddies jealous that he had a girl back home who didn’t him and always remembered to write.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    • SNAIL MAIL!!! Oh how I loved getting snail mail, especially from a boyfriend/love-interest! Wow, you took me down memory lane with your post! 🙂 And the spraying of the perfume, always saw that in movies, and always wish I could have someone to write to spray perfume on a letter! (Just seemed so romantic?) Wow, thank you for your comment! Enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  30. i so remember those days of passing notes with friends. i recently found some things that i wrote in an old diary. it is interesting to read your own words and thoughts. a good way to see how far you have come.

    • What was your most favorite thing you found in your diary that you had written? It is definitely good to see how far you’ve come! I don’t know if I’m looking forward to the day I find the diary I had in 7th and 8th grade…ha ha ha!

  31. I wouldn’t say that today’s youth doesn’t use them at all- not as often, but I have many, many notes from middle school between my best friend and I (we’re seniors in high school now). I still have a lot of them and I remember they were folded in squares, rectangles, or triangles for the most part. One of my favorite notes is over an entire sheet of paper. Down the lines, in the margins, up the sides, on both sides of the paper. We filled in every space because neither of us wanted to get another sheet :P.

    • Those are the best notes! The ones where every inch of paper is being used! What a great memory! Also, it is good to know note passing and hand written notes still happen! YAAAY! Thank you for commenting! 🙂 😛

  32. Yep, I have a drawer full of notes from friends, silly notes from boys ‘check yes / no’ kind of notes, my notes to friends, notes I never gave.
    You’re right about today’s youth. They will never appreciate the ‘notes’. It’s a thing of the past to them.

      • I kept them b/c I thought I would give them later…a day later, i guess. Then I kept them b/c of those notes were memories I would have to come back to them one day as you did. 🙂

  33. Oh my goodness I saw the the photo and had to see what your blog was about. I miss those notes and it is so true that it is a shame kids these days won’t have that but then our parents probably said the same of letters;). I was racking my brain on how to do the above fold and figured it out….it was awesome:)!. I still have a cardboard file box with notes from high school once I started saving them. They are organized in folders by friends;).

    • I wish I could take credit for the photo but found it on Google! However, in my defense, we used to fold our notes EXACTLY like that! You are right, our parents probably did say that of letters! Ha ha ha! Your organizational skills are to be admired! We only got as far as putting them in a folder or at best a shoe box of bag! I love that you tried to do the fold again! Next time you send a letter or even a bill in the mail you should fold it like that! I figure the person at the other end is never expecting a surprise like that. 🙂

  34. Wow this brings back memories for sure. Thanks for this poignant look at a memory we all recall so fondly. On one hand seems like yesterday, then when I think about how much has changed since then…seems more like an eternity!

    • This is so true! I work with people of all ages so it is interesting to see how things have changed over the years. Often I feel I’m agreeing more with the older generation rather than the younger! Thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to read! 🙂

  35. I can still remember those times when we were more preoccupied with having something to write for a friend. Not only something to write but a memento that is worth keeping. The way those notes were folded were equally significant with those words in the notes.

    • You are so right, everything was handled with care and if things were done haphazardly you knew exactly what the person thought of you. Friends were treated more dearly back then I think than they are now. Don’t you? I think the art of the note is something that makes us realize how special someone is if you’re willing to take the time to write and fold properly to protect sacred or significant words. Thank you for your post! 🙂

  36. You got me thinking about origami and Okinawa as a child. Sure, then I remember the notes in Junior High. All that folding and doodling. Thanks.

    • Do you find yourself still folding and doodling? I do in my spare time sometimes! 🙂 Would love to hear about your childhood, sounds interesting! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

  37. I am from the generation of instant messaging, texting etc! With many of my friends still in high school! We still pass notes and write notes to each other ^_^ around the class especially!! There is something risky about passing notes under the teachers nose ;)) (especially when the message could get you in trouble or raise a few eyebrows!)
    Love this post! Xx

    • Your comment made me smile! Its nice to see (in a good way) that there are still people who enjoy not just the act of writing to someone but the act of getting the note to someone as well! Everything you’ve just said embodies what we enjoyed so much about it from my generation! Thank you so much for posting this and I love your comment! 😉

  38. One of my best friends in high school and I passed notes in chemistry and Spanish class. Since she was a year ahead of me, these were the few classes we had together, and I still have a huge stack of them in a see-through box in my room. It’s funny though, we never learned how to pass them fancily or even worried too much about people finding them: never wrote in code, etc. I think it was because both of us knew we’d keep them super safe. 😀 Great post!

    • You girls must have had skills! We had to worry about them being accidentally lost between two buildings (our school had two sections built in different decades I think) and it was a long walk too! We weren’t the type of girls who were careless, we just wanted to take extra precautions because well, lets face it, if the boy of our dreams saw our note, and didn’t feel the same way we did, we would be devastated! Ha ha ha! Thank you so much for your comment! Hee hee hee…your comment about Spanish class made me think of my friends in Spanish class, some fun times in there! 🙂

  39. I still have many of mine, including funny ones, at least they are funny now, from young romances. I hope to still have them when I am shuffled off to a nursing home! 🙂 Great post!

    • Sometimes I wished I had kept notes from old romances and sometimes I’m glad I got rid of them? What is your most coveted one from one of your former flames? I love the idea of these traveling with you to a nursing home! How cool! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      • I probably have some serious ones, but I have to admit that the ones from my summer camp romance when I was 13 or 14 and dating a 16 year old boy who worked in the kitchen are my favorites. They were passed secretly since it was an all girls camp and we would have gotten in trouble if anyone knew. We broke up because of the distance after the summer even though we only lived about 20 minutes drom each other! So funny!!! Thanks for responding and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  40. I still have a bunch of letters me and my best friend used to pass around to each other, and if you can believe it were still best friends known her since I was 6 been friends over 20 years now its crazy how long we’ve known each other, but I used to love passing notes to each other we even did it in a notebook when she went on vacation and she gave me all these letters I loved it.

    • Those are the kinds of friends you keep around forever! Love that you had a notebook and passed it to each other even after the vacation! Sort of like a travel log? HOW COOL! Friendships create the most amazing stories. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

  41. though im not too far out of highschool, back in the 8th grade, a friend and i used to pass a notebook back and forth. not very secrative but we never got caught. by the end of the year, our three subject notebook had been full. some pages with drawings, we would write over other writing. i ffound it about a year back and it really made me smile being able to go through it.

    • Your post makes me wish I had a secret notebook to pass notes back and forth with friends! Sounds like some of the pages in that book of yours could be works of art! Thank you so much for contributing your memory and for posting on here!

  42. Ahhh, writing notes! I almost forgot about that pastime. My friends and I definitely had some fancy folds for our notes!

      • Oh goodness… there was one way to fold it into a triangle, and then there was one way we had where there was like this little pull-tab to open it. I don’t even know if I could do it anymore!

  43. My son got a sorry note from a girl when he was in second grade. It was the sweetest thing and I plan to keep it forever! But I hadn’t thought about how technology has affected the whole note-writing tradition. I hope it’s not lost forever. Great post!

    • Thank you so much! What was she sorry for? It sounds incredibly sweet! After posting this blog it seems note writing isn’t lost forever, it’s just kind of like U.S. mail; not used as often as you would hope but its still there! YAAAY! Someone even suggested schools should start encouraging note writing? What is your take on this?

      • Hi. I’m looking at the letter now. It doesn’t say what she’s sorry for, but she says she won’t do it again and, “I won’t even go near you if you like.” Then drew a sad-faced picture of herself with flowers. Precious! That same year, my son’s class wrote letters to a class at another school. I think that’s a great idea! Hey, maybe I’ll have my kids write a letter to someone. : )

  44. Oh I COMPLETELY miss passing notes. It is one of the clearest and dearest memories of my best friend and I, in high school, and even in University classes. We would write the most ridiculous inside jokes, and have a hell of a time stifling our giggles, which grew more and more impossible as each teacher would eye the back of the room with greater suspicion.
    I’m sure the younger generation will have their own memories, even if in electronic format, and they will still mean something.
    That being said though, this was a really nice post, taking me back to the days of caricaturing our Math teachers and exchanging stories about our schoolgirl crushes.

    • First off, GREAT NAME! Are you by chance a fan of Tina Fey’s latest book?

      Oh my gosh…stifling laughter is SO hard to do especially when your friend eggs it on. (Don’t know if your friend was egging it on or couldn’t control her laughter either!) Those are the times that are the most cherished!

      I hope you’re right, some people have been saying the save old E-mails or texts from friends and former flames. I guess its just a little harder for me to digest since I didn’t grow up in the age of texting?

      Thank you for the compliment, and hopefully you can find one of your caricatures of your Math teachers! That would be so fun to see it! (I’m a cartoonist/artist as well!) Oh and the school girl crushes…don’t know how many of those my girlfriends and I talked about! What ones of yours stood out?

      Thank you for posting! 🙂

  45. I still have this entire box of notes from school days (how long ago was that, really?!) and it’s amazing to look back at them and wonder what we were thinking/doing then… 🙂

    • Hello Rustic Recluse! How long ago was it for you? Hee hee hee…for me it was 15 years! (Oh geez!) I’ve still tried to jog my memory on some of these things and am still scratching my head. The only thing that stuck was a memory of a drawing a friend and I did of us going “fishing” at a local restaurant. We used the term fishing when we thought we could go there and try to get a date with one of the waiters. Boy were we wrong! However we still liked the food. 😛

      • I don’t remember how long, really. 10-12 maybe? 🙂 You’re right, there’s a lot of obscure coded text in these little notes, kinda fun to look at them again. Sometimes you wonder too if you can still do that and not get weird looks from your friends 🙂

  46. Yup, I’m a keeper (which sounds so much lovelier than hoarder). I have a fun tin box full of letters from a certain boy. Another fabric covered box with letters from a different boy. A notebook of “the rules” made with one of my best friends–complete with all the necessary code to use when referring to boys.

    Now I get to wade through those letters and notes as fodder for art.

    What a fun post!

    • Oooh LolaGirl, I love your term “keeper”! You have a code book and two separate boxes for two separate boys? Were you a heart breaker in highschool? (Just kidding…using that term in a fun way!) If you have a copy of the rules, could you please post them? Could use a few tips if you have any! 😉

      I saved some cards from an old boyfriend once, just because he went through the effort to completely draw out the twelve days of Christmas on them. Each day was something different and came with the amount of roses for the day. They weren’t the best drawings which is what made them more fun!

      What type of artwork do you make out of these memories? How cool is that?! Thank you so much for sharing yours!!! 🙂

  47. I miss notes, handwritten of course, i had a comforter sized bag once upon high school. I would read them years after receipt and wonder, quite like you did, at what we talked about. Great post and congrats on bein fp’d

    • Thank you butcheringsaint for posting! You must have had a lot of friends to have a bag that size full of notes! Did you ever organize them by year to see how much you and your friends had changed in the years you were all together?

      Again thank you for the congrats and for posting! 🙂

  48. I used to send letters to my friends back when I was a kid. You’re right. There is so much nostalgia and memories kept in those random notes on friendships and secret crushes. Thanks for sharing this! It makes mewant to go back and let my daughter experience the simple beauty of letters mixed in with friendships. 🙂

    • Do any of your friends have children the same age as your daughter? Maybe you could help her out by letting her write to your friends’ kids? Again, I didn’t grow up in the age of texting so maybe I’m completely wrong, but there is nothing like getting a piece of snail mail or a handwritten letter sometimes! Other times a text or a “like” on my facebook page is enough to cheer me up…but to make my day as Clint Eastwood would say, a handwritten note would do the trick!

      What do you miss most talking to your friends about in those notes and letters? For you was it more about where you were going or hanging out or more about the current crush?

  49. Sadly as a Brit we didn’t really pass notes in class, so I don’t have any. But I’m old enough to have a shoebox or two in my attic of letters I received from friends (and old boyfriends!). Snail mail (sigh) – I really miss it! Lovely post.

    • You weren’t allowed to pass notes? 😦 What would happen if you were caught? For us the worst that could happen is 1. The note would get confiscated by the teacher. 2. A combination of number one and then getting sent to the principal. 3. Having it read out loud as a deterrent from it ever happening again. (At least that is what the teacher hoped.)

      WOW you have two shoeboxes full? I’m so jealous of you right now! I have no idea what happened to the letters from old boyfriends. One wrote to me just before we started dating and he was in bootcamp.

      Totally with you on Snail Mail sister! MISS IT!!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by, comment and compliment! 🙂

  50. This gave me a great idea to send my friends some of those cool high school notes i use to do back in the days. I think it would be unexpected and make them smile! thanks for the blog!

    • YAY! Thank you mommylaughs! So glad to be a source of inspiration! You will totally have to do this and write a blog about it! Would love to see how your friends reacted to your project! Actually you just inspired me to do the same! (Although to be honest might just make a copy of the notes though!!! Ha ha ha!) Thank you for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  51. Hand written notes really did have their own charm. This reminds me of a time when I had a fight with my brother. He was really mad at me and wouldn’t even talk, so I scribbled a long heart-felt apology onto a pink paper and slipped it into his school bag. He was so mad at me when he came home because he had opened it accidentally in front of his friends and they’d thought it was a love letter or something from some girl in his class!

    • Oh frizbeee! Your comment made me laugh and smile! Did your brother ever forgive you? Hopefully he saw your intent and realized what you were trying to do? Do you or your brother even remember what the fight was about? Your story sounds like it would make an interesting blog entry! What a sweet story. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your nostalgia for handwritten notes and for putting your story on here! 🙂

      • He can’t be mad at me long enough. Though I don’t recollect him forgiving me explicitly and for that matter I don’t even know if he ever read that note!
        Yeah we both remember the fight vividly, it was his birthday that day and I was one of the reasons to make his day crappier 😦

  52. I think I have some old live notes boxed up somewhere from high school that were shaped like hearts. Talk about a blast from the past. 🙂 fun memories.

    • I didn’t really save any of my old love letters?! What made you want to save yours? In response to someone earlier I mentioned I had saved some cards from a boyfriend for a while because he went through the trouble of drawing on them (which was cool because he wasn’t a cartoonist but he made the effort!). Thanks for sharing in the nostalgia and stopping by! 🙂

    • ahhong11 you aren’t kidding! Sometimes those are what get us through the difficult times! Just found some notes from my St. Louis bestie which she had written to me when we worked back to back on the registers where we were at. She made references to “The Office” and music that was playing at the time we were cracking jokes…so great to look back on! Thank you for sharing and taking time to comment!

  53. I’ve never passed notes in class, probably because I’m a pretty tech-oriented person who has never experienced the 90’s (or the early 2000’s) while knowing how to actually hand write things.

    I guess the modern-day (which makes note-passing a pretty old thing, I guess) equivalent of what you’ve described above is… well, looking through email archives and chat archives.

    I’ve actually grown a lot in the past few months (I think), because sometimes I’ll look at emails from a year ago and think, “I’ve changed so much since then.” This doesn’t really evoke nostalgia, though… what really does is revisiting websites that I got hooked on when I was a few years younger.

    Of course, I don’t suppose you’ll be able to experience what you experienced with tangible paper and pens… or maybe it’s just my tech-oriented mindset. You never know.

    • This is so interesting! Maybe your nostalgia for older websites is like some of us revisiting our favorite books, or movies?

      It is interesting though, no matter what media, to go back and look at what you’ve written to see how you’ve changed and what made you change! I think for my generation sometimes there is an element of having the tangibility of paper and pen around to create something for those around us. Sometimes when I was younger I would break out a pen and draw on the pieces of paper that tether silverware at restaurants. Comes in handy. 😉

      Thank you so much for posting and reading the blog! 🙂

  54. Great post! I have difficulty tossing old Christmas and birthday cards. I re-read them whenever I’m trying to clean out my boxes… but cannot bear to part with them.

    • Oooh I hear you on that one, I was sorting through more things last night and found a card my Grandfather had written to me! Sometimes those are memories you just can’t part with! Besides that, if you bring them out around the holidays, it feels more like home and as if these people are with you still! 🙂

      • That’s a good idea. We pack away Christmas decorations to be re-displayed next year, why not with Christmas cards too? Especially since the tradition of sending and receiving real Christmas cards seems to have faded with all the e-cards and online greetings.

  55. As someone who is too young to feel anything for the “good old days” you and most of these other commenters have brought up, I didn’t grow up passing many notes (well, at least not after elementary school).

    However, people of every generation have their own nostalgic remembrances of how they interacted with their peers, and just because the means for said interactions have changed does not necessarily mean that the youth today cannot feel the same way about their interactions as the youth of any other generation.

    Certainly, text messages don’t have the same permanence as handwritten notes do, but this generation uses means such as taking pictures, online or not, in order to give its joyful memories some form of permanence.

    And yes, I may have had relatively few social interactions compared to virtually everybody I know, but I still disagree with your notion that a generation’s ability to enjoy its interactions with others is somehow vested in the means of said interactions.

    • Thank you for your post! I understand the younger generations have digital images to look at to remember their past, but what I wonder, is in 10 years time, will you be able to put a story with that picture and what you were doing or saying in it? I guess I was more worried about the permanence of a story to accompany the pictures, we had pictures too, but unfortunately they were in paper form and strangely my friends and I all have different pictures, which forms an even more different BIGGER picture of how we experienced high-school even though we were all there together. We have pictures, and we can’t even tell you what was going on in some of them, but we do have notes to explain some of them. Apparently my friend has a ton of pictures where she is “fake” mooning whoever is taking the picture…apparently it was her “thing” to do which I don’t remember and to this day I still don’t have pictures ANYWHERE of her doing this in my senior book or memory box, but I do have notes to explain the miscellaneous men that accompany her in her other photos. 😉

      I love your post, it made me think. I just hope there isn’t someone out there like me who winds up having a bitter moment with a friend and then deletes all their memories, that is what I worry about the most. You never know when you and that friend might make up and when they will come back into your life. I’m so glad I guess personally we didn’t grow up in the age of digital pictures and communication.

      What a great post! Thank you! 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply. Well, perhaps nostalgia arises, in part, through the physical manifestations of memories, but ultimately, one’s feelings for a person, place, thing, or time, are vested primarily in the memory itself rather than the means by which that memory is preserved. Looking back at old notes, yearbooks, etc. may make it easier to re-live the past , but doing so is but a means to an end, and if the end goal is to recall one’s memories, people will find ways to do so regardless of changing technology.

    • Well I can’t take credit for the one in the picture above, I found it on Google. In fact there was an instructional picture on Google when I was researching imagery for this post, you might be able to find it under a search with the words, “folding notes”? Thank you for the congrats! I could show you how to fold it in person! Ha ha ha! Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  56. Hand written notes will be a retro communication for hipsters. Sigh. I once had a science teacher who tore up a note from my boyfriend. There were Radiohead lyrics written in it. It was super romantic.

    • HA HA HA!!! I hope your prediction is true, that would be uber hilarious, sort of like carrying around an instamatic. I’m sure there will be a book soon at the nearest Urban Outfitters featuring special ways to do note folds. That is a crying shame he tore it up right there in front of you two…hopefully it inspired another hand-written note of Radiohead lyrics? 😉 What was your former flames reaction? Or was he even in the class with you? What happened when he found out? (if he was’t in the class…)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment and the comment! Granted we may have some really great memories in our past, but maybe you could create new memories at your office by passing out hand written notes one day a week? Just something fun to pass the time when you have it? It might brighten a colleague’s day to find a carefully folded note sitting on their desk…just to say hi. 🙂 Thank you again for the comment!

  57. I definitely miss those good ol’ days! I think I was one of the last generations that got to appreciate and experience making handwritten notes and passing notes around in class, so I’m really grateful and happy for that fact. Although of course it saddens me that today’s generations can’t get to have that kind of awesome experience anymore as there are smart phones to rely on for “passing notes”. It seriously is so much different when you’re just pushing buttons and swiping through the phone to send out notes than writing them and secretly passing them around, avoiding the teacher’s gaze, and all that. It was definitely more fun before, and I really miss it! Ha! Now everyone knows what I’m doing in class back in my high school days! Lol.

    Anyway. thanks for bringing such a memory back! 🙂

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment! Well as it turns out, apparently there are still some people out there who pass notes in class! Been finding that out since responding to readers/writers here on this blog. I do agree, it doesn’t seem as fun doing covert messaging through the phone because all you have to do is push a button, there was just something so mischievous about passing a note and trying not to get in trouble for it! Thank you so much for your post…and yes, we ALL know what you were up to back then!!! 😉

    • First off, I love your screen name! How wonderful! Also, I couldn’t agree with you more, I think note passing definitely entertained and helped form the creative side of my brain too! Sometimes you had to be creative to just get the note delivered! Thank you so much for posting!

  58. You’ve inspired me, you quirky girl you.
    I’ve been thinking about writing a note to all the important people in my life before I leave on a grand adventure for a couple of years.
    The creative fold and your memories & words have solidified my thought for me. I’m going to hand-write my notes and fold them…now, to remember how to fold into an envelope.
    Thanks for the inspiration, isn’t it lovely, the nostalgia of stumbling across notes from growing up days? Even lovelier, is your sentiment around friends as family.

    • Thank you Wandering Amelia! Writing a note to all of those people would be a fantastic thing to blog about. Not only that, but surely they will appreciate you having thought of them before taking a big life changing adventure. Maybe you could even take a few notes with you and mail them from the far away places you will be traveling? The nostalgia is lovely, especially when you can relive it with the friend in person. 🙂 Friends make wonderful family members.:) Thank you so much for you post, your thoughts, and for sharing your plans!!!

  59. This reminded me of a funny incident from High School. We had this silly game with several steps where we had to write names of random people (mostly from the class) and other random words. After each step we would fold the top of the paper and pass it around in the group. So basically, each one playing would have a piece of paper but no one knew what was was written inside. After all the steps were over we would each unfold the piece we had. You got to read some of the most absurd and funny stuff there….sounds silly but it was fun especially during a boring lecture…hehhe
    So, there was this one time when one of us forgot the paper on the desk and it reached a guy in the class and there were some pretty nasty things written about him there. When they were trying to figure out who did that, we pretended to be unaware of what was happening…hehehe.
    This wasn’t very long ago..early 2000s but I don’t think the kids today do that anymore. We always came up with creative ways to communicate with friends during a boring lecture (and got caught sometimes)!
    Thanks for the post and congrats for being Freshly Pressed!! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! That must have been mortifying! How did you manage to hide the fact that you were the ones who did it? I have a hard time trying to conceal anything like that…I’m a like a dog trying to hide its excitement at the sight of a treat!!! To be honest this is the first time I’ve heard of a communication game like this? I’ve played some at birthday parties where you pick a person in the room with you, a random place in the house, an event and what happened in that room after each fold but nothing like this during lecture! HOW AWESOME!!! Thank you for the congrats, the comment and taking the time to read this post! 🙂

  60. Reblogged this on TonetElite and commented:
    Diary of a quirky girl revisiting her past through letters she wrote to herself years prior. I think that this is such a sweet thing to do for yourself in life. As you get older you need to remind yourself of the person you once were, the characteristics you once had and the type of person you would like to become. This is a fantastic way to self evaluate your life, those init such as friends, family etc.
    Not just that but I found that by doing so this will be a fantastic way of pinpointing the events and people that helped defined you.
    Encouraging growth and develpoment of ones self and in time revealing the true person you are destined to become.
    The fun part is you can read about all the silly things that you thought were so important and actually realise that such things weren’t even a cause for concern.
    Massive thanks to DOAQG for sharing such a beautiful part of your life with the rest of us.
    Visonary Tonetelite

    • Thank you so much for the reblog, the kind words and sharing your thoughts with everyone! I love what you had to say, and thank you so, so very much for the shout out!!! You are so right, these notes are a road map by which we can gauge our own life’s successes, big or small; and by success I mean becoming who we are meant to be. Again thank you so much!!! 🙂

  61. I went through a small box of old letters a few months back too. It’s so rare for someone to be giving out handmade cards. I made it a habit to give close friends and family personalized, handwritten letters because I want to show them how important they are to me through the amount of effort I put in making it for them.

    Thanks for sharing this thought of yours with us 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and taking the time to post! I love that you personally make each individual a handmade card! To me, that would be a wonderful reminder and probably something I would frame! You’ve just given me an idea! 🙂

  62. Aw. I now regret having burned all my letters from my friends. For a long time I kept them in a box under my bed…along with a box of letters from my ex. A few years ago, when I knew I was finally over him for real, I took both boxes and burned everything in it.

  63. The thing I liked about passing notes was the challenge and teamwork involved.
    THE CHALLENGE: The note had to be passed without the teacher perceiving it and written in a way that if you failed in your mission to pass it discretely and the teacher caught you, the true message would be unrevealed.
    TEAMWORK: The recipient had to be cognizant of your intended note pass and sometimes others were needed to facilitate the pass. The note passing itself could be an intricate improvisational affair involving several classmates depending on how far apart you were seated in the classroom. The beauty of the note traveling from hand to hand at opportune moments is that of a well choreographed ballet.

    I had a giggle when I read this blog because I have also been reliving moments from my life via the filtering of old letters, notes and keepsakes. It is a soulful, cleansing experience, yes?

    • OH MY!!! YES IT IS!!! It is definitely a soulful and fulfilling experience! However, I will have to say, most of my notes were passed between classes. Usually if I was lucky enough to have class with a friend we tried very very hard to sit near each other. OTHERWISE…I was maybe sometimes one of the people involved in the choreographed note passing ballet you so eloquently described above! 🙂 What has been your most favorite thing you found so far? 🙂

  64. memories of notes passed between potential girlfriends with boxes to check for yes and no. There are few things in life as personal as a hand written note, you are right about it being a shame that todays generation will never know. I try to keep it going at home, when my daughter accomplishes something I like to hand write a note of my love and pride to her, same with my wife for important things. My wife really appreciates this as my hand writing is horrible and it is a chore for me to write, too many years behind a keyboard I guess.

    Thanks for the memories

    • Oh wow! I love that you see the effort it takes and the time as something of a treasure to put into a handwritten note for your family! It seems that the younger generations (as I’m finding out) still passes notes, which is a fantastic thing. WOW…your post is really touching. So glad you do this at home, and I can definitely see why your wife appreciates your notes! 🙂 Only one time did I receive one of those notes where you had to check yes or no! It was embarrassing and it happened at recess in 6th grade! Thank you for the memory jog! Ha ha ha! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your lovely way of communicating with those closest to you! 🙂

  65. Nice!! Sometimes I go through mails and messages that I’ve written to others for introspection. It gives you a perspective on how you have evolved as a personality

    • As I said to someone a few posts earlier…I only had that happen once! I wish it would have happened more! Ha ha ha! Dating could still involve that, its all in how you approach it! You might be able to do an electronic version or even just slip a note under someone’s door at work? (Depending on the environment you work in.) It would bring a playful element into it all!

      Anyway, just a thought. 😉

      Thank you for the congrats and for taking time out of your schedule to read this post! 🙂

  66. Hi Quirky! I fall in the category of “today’s youth” that you mentioned, and I wanted to let you know that some of us still pass notes in school and enjoy it immensely. I have a box full of jokes, secrets, and encouragement from my best friends that preserves some of my favorite memories. I’ve exchanged notebooks with several of my friends, and it amazes me to look through them and see how we grew individually and as friends. I also have a stack of letters from a friend-who-fell-in-love, and he has a similar stack from me. I agree–there is something about handwritten notes and drawings that brings an old friend to life right there on the page. It’s valuable both for solidifying your relationships and for perceiving your identity in them.

    • WOW, I love your post. What profound words. I am so excited and elated to find people are still passing notes and sentiments in class! I love that you have saved all of these and see this as a way of bring the friend to life later on when you read them. What a great post! Thank you so much!

  67. i think what you write is brilliant.every work of yours is a master piece.i am so inspired by you now.i have just started my blog.i would be deeply obliged if you could go through it once and tell me the flaws.you know a kind of feedback.i know i write pathetic because i have zero experience and i am only a couple of days old too
    so if you have some time then plz go through the blog once


    • I will be more than happy to go to your blog and read! (Actually was going to try to do that with everyone here!) Thank you for your kind words and keep up the hard work! Writing isn’t always easy but with enough practice inspiration will fall out into the form of words through your keyboard! You are not pathetic because you have zero experience! Everyone has to start somewhere! 🙂 Keep at it and you will reap the rewards later! Thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂

  68. I did the same thing recently and still have every note ever given to me from every friend and girlfriend. I cringe sometimes now at the innocence in which we wrote – it’s a nice feeling though. I hope that the youth of today find a way of cherishing such moments.

    • From the way it sounds, the youth of today have found a way! Yay! I understand the cringing, there were some jokes in these notes that literally we had no clue what we were talking about and now as an adult I found out they had an alternate meaning! Ooops! Luckily we didn’t get caught! Ha ha ha! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post!

  69. There was something nice about a handwritten note. I miss the days when I would write a letter, stuff it in an envelope, lick a stamp, and mail it. It would take a few weeks to get a return letter, but there was something about the anticipation that made it worthwhile. Now if somebody doesn’t answer immediately people (including me) get upset.

    • Oh wow, do I remember those days! Do you think that snail mail instilled a sense of patience in us? I think honestly with technology, we’ve been spoiled to think everything can come instantly as if we were in the Jetson’s house! Thank you for reading and responding! Sorry it took so long to respond to you, have been working on getting a response to everyone on here! 🙂

  70. Notes were a girl thing. Boys preferred spitballs. Or at least some of the rowdier ones.

    But going through some of my old letters and the like, I did come across a collaborative James Thurber kind of piece — very dry humor and cartoons — a group of us did our sophomore year, and as I look back, it seems we must have done most of it during class and then exchanged parts of it in the hallway or during lunch.

    For the most part, my high school years remain a fog. Thanks for the memory prompt.

    • Oh wow, how fun! You should publish that piece on a blog! Ha ha ha! I would love to read it as I’m sure others would too! Anything with cartoons is always a plus and recently I found some of those too, some with a meaning we didn’t know was dirty until now! Ha ha ha!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for posting here on Diary of a Quirky Girl!

  71. Hi there, (congratulations of freshly pressed btw!)
    I’m of this younger generation (im 16) and while yes, we don’t and never have passed notes, I still have hand written messages from friends and my sister as well as photos and souvenirs of my life with them. These things can all bring back good (or bad) memories, but the important thing is that you were there with that person at that time and if not happy then hopefully content.

    • Hi! Thank you for the congrats! I love that you have an object or something to associate with the handwritten message! Like you I have kept some things that still harbor bad memories. What have you done with the things that have bad memories for you? Usually I tried to or have destroyed those pieces or donated or given them away in order to cope and deal with them. Thank you for posting!!! 😀

  72. You’re absolutely right! Although they have tons of new experiences, kids today will rarely get to know the giddiness of scribbling, lettering and folding letters into different shapes. I keep old handwritten letters from my schoolmates in a big, artsy fartsy box to keep the memories. And again, you’re right, reading and revisiting a moment every now and then is good for the heart. 🙂

  73. I miss notes being passed, snail mail…all of it. I get a bit nostalgic about it, remembering the good ‘ole days. I have a bunch of love letters between a Japanese boy and I. I love bringing those out and remembering who I was then when reading them for the first time. An email or text, even if saved…just isn’t the same thing!

  74. When I moved from my parents house to my apartment, I found 3 shoeboxes full of notes from sixth grade on. I ended up mailing some to my friends (who are still my best friends) along with their birthday cards. We laughed so hard. It’s amazing to put yourself back in those moments.

  75. Oh yea, I got into lots of trouble with those notes. One time I had a teacher collect one but I felt safe because it was in our own code and it was all about what a poor teacher he was. Guess what, he was a decoder in his Army days. You know the rest!!! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Now you might not get any sleep for the next few days!!!!!

  76. I’ve lost touch with a friend from the past. I thought we were best friends but it did not turn out that way. I have a shoebox full of letters between the two of us that I would be happy to pass along to her children…should they ever choose to communicate with me again.

    I like your blog. You may have another follower for a while.

  77. I thought this post was going to be about writing to yourself; you know, how Mr. Bean used to write himself Holiday cards and send himself gifts when he opens them up he acts all pleasantly surprised? Haha, yes like that!

    Anyway, you make great points about the beauty of passing notes. Just recently there was a freshly pressed post about snail mail and how rare it is nowadays to get or send something hand-written in the mail, and I remember saying how the last letter I wrote by hand was when I was passing notes back to someone in high school. This generation is going to look back on their adolescence through the shell of their cell-phones: a girl would hold an old blackberry or iphone and go “O-M-G, this is the phone I first texted my BFF from High School with, she was like ‘W-T-F is wrong with Mr. X’s hair! L-O-L!'”

    I do hope that the generation of youths today, and I have faith that they will, have their personality shine through and their youth remain in their memories, even if it will be filled with excessive acronyms, it is their youth and their memories. That’s all that matters, and this as a human trait will never change.

    Love & Peace

  78. I recently visited my childhood home for almost a year and found the same shoeboxes! Except, my main thoughts were “wow, I am so glad that I’m older now!” but there was also a whole truckload of nostalgia. I didn’t connect the dots with the kids of today…When they turn 30 perhaps they’ll go back to their childhood homes and dig out some old cell phones, charge them up…and go through their texts.

  79. I kept all of my early high school notes in one of those little, black dime-store safes — which was a necessity with five older siblings. When our house was robbed, the trespasser spent considerable time trying to get that safe open. I still laugh when I think how he must have been surprised to find notes about crushes instead of cash.

  80. I rarely check out any of the Freshly Pressed blogs, but this one caught me eye. First of all, Congrats! Secondly, such a cute read. It made me think back to being a teen and I still have a box at my parent’s place that held my “special ones”. My mom just sold the house and is moving right away, so I can’t wait to go get that box and relive some of my most treasured memories!

  81. I found an old notebook from my Jr High English class. It had all my poetry. I was 12 or 13 and dreaming of becoming a writer… That was a pretty darn cool thing to find. My handwriting was so cute! Oh and I also found my sash from when I was a Girl Guide (aka Girl Scout) with all my badges. You could tell I was about to quit since the last badge I earned wasn’t sewn on, simply clipped on with a pin. A lot of effort was poured into those badges…

  82. I used to think I was such a hoarder for keeping ALL of my notes from high school, now I open them up every once in a while and laugh. They’re nice, personal, fun-sized time capsules. Congrats on the FP

  83. I recently was given a bunch of boxes by my mom including a number of memory boxes. I was going to visit and old friend from back home and decided to dig through these boxes to find a good pic of me and my friend from kindergarten…surely there must be tons of pics of us I figured. Well sadly there were only a small handful of them and it occurred to me that back in the days that I grew up we didn’t have this over abundance of technology, no digital cameras, cell phone cameras, etc. If you were lucky, your parents let you get a disposable camera for a class trip and you could take a few pictures of you and your friends and most of them were so silly because you didn’t really know what to take a picture of even how to take a good picture. Lots of chopped up half head shots haha. Anyway, I found a cute picture but also something else, a time capsule we’d made and completely forgotten about with a ton of cute stuff in it. I brought it down the next time I visited her and we riffled through it laughing our heads off at how funny and silly each item was. We’d made paper dolls, saved a cheeto (which still looked the same as it did twelve years ago and I will never eat a cheeto again), a picture of us, and a bunch of other great stuff. The feeling of discovering that box and going through it together was unlike anything, so many memories come flooding back and even if you don’t remember what the crap in the box symbolized it was great to see the things we’d saved together that we thought our future selves would like to see. I would thoroughly recommend making these with your kids when they are in middle school so they will have some tangible, non-electronic means of remembering their youth.

  84. i too am very sad that today’s youth won’t experience notes like these! my high school career in its majority was spent writing and folding (and reading, of course) notes for my friends! the pull down one was my go-to fold, but i was also a fan of the small box with a flap type fold.

    i’ve re-read some old notes from high school and they’re pretty nonsensical…inside jokes, ramblings, cute/hot/ugly lists, drama, drawings….this post was very nostalgic! you raised some interesting points! solid read, thanks for sharing!! xxx

  85. This just depressed me so much. 1) Because no one passes notes anymore. 2) because in a cleaning rampage a few years ago, I threw out all my old notes. I wish I had them still, especially from my best guy friend, when he tried to get me a boyfriend by having a movie watching party where I could cuddle up to my crush and watch “Perol Harbor.”

    Yeah, that’s how he spelled ‘pearl.’

  86. So true. This is one of the things that younger people of today are missing out with the advance of technology. I remember the notes I used to share with my friends folded into hearts and stars.. 🙂

  87. Me and my friend have a whole notebook of stuff. It’s not “notes”, its actually a roleplay we were doing during school hours… We’re so terrible aren’t we :p

  88. I saw this post on the freshly pressed page and it caught my eye because I am really quirky too. I read through some of your posts and I really like your writing style. Keep it up the world needs more sunshine!

  89. This was an awesome post! I still have 2 shoe boxes full of notes from middle school and high school. LOL. I need to grab them from my mothers house and plan a good ol fashioned sleep over with my friend to reminisce 🙂 Good memories, Good times! 🙂

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  91. I still have some – not from school but from my part time job. My best friend worked in the front cigarette counter and I was in the back cigarette counter and we used to write notes and get one of the floor staff to deliver them. Was also pondering in a blog post recently whether teenagers still pass notes or whether cell phones and facebook etc has killed all that. http://empressnasigoreng.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/the-lost-art-of-correspondence-10/

  92. You’ve inspired me to go through the old boxes of school books in my parent’s garage. I passed notes much more than focusing on work, so there are bound to be quote a few notes between the pages of my school books. Thanks for sharing.. it’s such a fun post!

  93. Yes! So true!!
    I live far away from my parent’s house, so once a year I visit them and go to my old room, open the shoebox full of old notes from friends and ex boyfriends. =p
    The feeling is always new, just like the first time.
    Anyway I love your blog!

  94. I found a huge stack of notes from my high school friends when I was cleaning last summer. I wish I had a dollar for every time we said we were bored, the three of us could be retired now!

  95. Great post. I’d forgotten about notes. And you’re right, so many things this generation will miss. My son wanted to know why his aunt had books on the alphabet. He told me she had a book for the letter ‘A’ and so on. It was a set of her old encyclopedias! Of course I bet our grandparents said the same thing about our generation.

  96. Beautiful post! This just brought back good memories from high school! My best friend and I used to pass notes all the time and had a special way of folding the paper. I kept some of them til this day but I know I must let go 😦

    It is sad to see that the new generation is so technologically hooked that passing notes is a thing of last century.

  97. This post makes me quite nostalgic. I miss passing notes. Actually I didn’t pass notes as much but there was this boy who used to tell me to pass notes to another girl. I guess I was the medium. I however agree with you that this generation will never know the joy of note passing. There was just something so secretive and rebellious about that – trying to do it in secret so that the teacher didn’t see. Ah I miss school. Thanks for refreshing my memories. And congrats for being Freshly Pressed!

  98. Oh, notes! My highschool friends and I used to fold them like the one you have pictured above. They was definitely something — bonding, relishing, exciting — about paper notes that today’s text messages can’t compete with.

    I, too, recently came across some old diaries, photos, sketches, and notes from friends. Amazing how looking back helps you look ahead 🙂

    Great post! Glad I came across it.

  99. I love passing notes. I’m in college, and I still can be found doing this during boring lectures! And, you know, younger kids still pass notes, too. I think there is a sneaky feeling that comes with passing around a note in class while trying to go unnoticed by the teacher. So, don’t worry – even with the invention of the cell phone, note passing lives on. Nice post.

  100. I recently found a diary from before I left for college. I had written about a crush that I had on a friend. He is still my friend and I have always said I never felt that way about him. I am going to keep my diary and my crush as my little secret. 🙂

  101. wow this is too good and so true! absolutely..sms are not even a match to those hand written notes..i have a box with me that contains alot of such memoirs..some notes,cards,a little gift..etc and when i open it,its not just a box,its a whole set of memories…unforgettable..

  102. This was a good post. I remember going through boxes of my high school stuff a while back and found all kinds of notes being passed between 5th and 6th periods or at the lockers. Folded just the same way. Good flashbacks. I still keep in touch with one other person from back in the day and mentioned finding all these notes 15+ years later. We both cracked up. Great picture by the way.

  103. I miss paper. I miss writing. And keeping those notes forever. There’s nothing more personal than seeing someone’s handwriting on a piece of paper written especially for you.

  104. I recently moved myself and found a shoebox full of letters from my penpal in Germany from when I was in middle school. It was neat to read all of them again.

    My kids pass notes all the time. They have also learned oragami (thanks to YouTube).

  105. My friends and i used to pass notes last year in 8th grade, then we moved to a notebook and kept them all in one place.

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  107. Recently I dusted off some of my old high-school books for an exam and I was surprised – and also quite moved – to find all of my best-friends notes still caught between the pages. I found confessions, doodles, caricatures of the teacher.. It was our way to survive all those boring classes! 🙂
    I think about this sometimes: how different my (hypothetical) kid’s life will be from mine. And it makes me sad because among all the genuine habits we had in our (pristine) childhoods, this is really something I would want him/her to experience. Even if that meant writing those notes myself! 😉

  108. I’m in high school now and I really do love reading all my notes from middle school. It was a real eye opener to see how quickly things have changed and I really do miss those days even though I’m young.

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