A little more grease, a little less lightning

Can I have her super-power please?

A while back I responded to a colleague/acquaintance’s blog about lightning. Somehow it probably made me look even quirkier than normal. Living in Southwest Missouri presents the issue of dealing with frequent rain, hail, tornadoes and lightning in the Spring, Fall and Summer. I fear tornadoes and lightning and have not yet seemed to get over it.

While growing up I’ve watched documentaries on the weather channel about people who have been struck by lightning. One man was struck by lightning and no longer needed to wear a sweater in the winter time when he shoveled snow because he could no longer feel the cold. One man was struck by lightning while playing golf and went on to play more. This didn’t sound so bad. What was there to fear about lightning then?

That is when they aired a story that literally put the fear in me about a family who took a hiking trip; probably somewhere in Montana or Colorado.  The family was on a high traffic trail when suddenly they realized their hair was standing up on end. Thinking this was hilarious, they asked someone to take a picture of them. After the picture was taken, moments later the family had all been struck by lightning and unfortunately didn’t survive.

Since this story aired, whenever there is a storm, I frequently check my head patting it.  It’s as if the act of patting my scalp will keep the immediate danger of being struck by lightning away. I was up all night last week thinking I had felt a tingling on my scalp and kept checking my hair to make sure it wasn’t up too. I find myself incessantly praying to keep everyone safe, and if I have to be struck by lightning hopefully I gain some sort of superpower like the man who doesn’t have to wear a sweater..mainly because I’m cold most of the time.

What is one of your worst fears? What scares you the most?


7 thoughts on “A little more grease, a little less lightning

  1. This is pretty depressing story from someone who’s supposed to be “filling my world randomly with sunshine.” Also, I hate bats. The flying rodents, not the sporting equipment.

    • When did your fear of bats kick in? You know a fear of bats has turned some into super heroes. 😉 (Are you Batman?) You must really hate bats because you called them “rodents”! 🙂

      Ha ha ha! Well think of the sunshine aspect as being thankful it isn’t you who thinks like this or has this behavior? It was meant to be humorous and not depressing, maybe dark humor. Hmmm. I get your point. Can we classify this as being ironic?

      Thank you so much for reading and taking the time out to comment!

      • Now that you’ve blown my cover as Batman I’m going to have to move the entire Batcave. Do you know how hard that is?

      • Wait wait…oh…I got this one…is it as hard as moving an underground mountain? Is it as hard as squeezing a lump of coal with your bare hands and turning it into a diamond? I’m sure Alfred will make all the arrangements for you, he seems to have the hook up. 😉 If not, then you can change your name to something generic, change costumes and have a new layer in a preferred city of your choice. Really when you look at it, its not that bad to be honest? Hee hee hee…;)

      • I think it’ll be okay, with the Green Lantern coming out this week, all the attention’s been on him. (I always knew.)

  2. Oh my gosh that is tragic, morbid, and traumatizing. On that note, love the post! I’m cold a lot too, however, I don’t really think I’d appreciate getting struck by lightning. As far as my worst fear goes, me mum told me that it was just plain stupid to tell people that answer. Unless of course its something like natural disasters, because honestly, unless you piss of Storm, no one is going to be able to attack you with lightning.

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