What I’ve re-learned about flirting

A quirky couple! Wonder how they met?

1.  Do your Dave Mathews impersonation when trying to explain Dave Mathews’s involvement in the winemaking process of the wine you’ve brought to a party. If the person sticks around you know they’re interested. If not, you know you are in your own good company because you are the only person who understands why you are the way you are.

2.  Don’t do your “traditional” Dave Mathews impersonation because people no longer understand the reference, “Pretty Baaaby” and will be creeped out. Do a different one.

3.  Make sure you have checked yourself when hanging out with a group of guys after having used the restroom. Make sure there isn’t any extraneous toilet paper hanging from your posterior.

4.  Do talk about your Martin Short autograph your parents scored as a Christmas present for you on E-bay; if the guy knows who Martin Short is, double win!

5.  Brag about any comic book publishing achievements, this will impress ANY guy.

6.  Be honest and be true to thine own self. There is nothing worse than a lying liar McLiarson. Even in your demeanor, attitudes, and how your present yourself. There is nothing more disappointing (this goes for both genders) than getting several months down the road and finding out the person is completely different to how they presented themselves to you in the beginning. If you are the person making all the changes to impress someone, DON’T. You will just wind up feeling cheated and unappreciated with tinges of resentment. Just DO what works…be you.

7.  Don’t be afraid to say the stupid quirky stuff that you do, the ones that stick around are the ones you want to hang out with, not the ones who see your fun traits as a flaw.

8.  Sing and Dance with those around you. Happiness is an attractor magnet. Even if you feel you can’t sing or dance…in the words of Dave Barry, “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.” You never know what friends you will make in the process!

9.  Do make comments on the oddities surrounding you. It gives you a perspective of how the other person thinks when they come up with their own assessment of the surroundings.

10. Don’t purposely steal the person’s beverage next to you, some people think its funny, some don’t. Don’t try it, it will turn some into the Hulk, others will be just slightly irritated.


37 thoughts on “What I’ve re-learned about flirting

  1. You have never seen me dance, or you wouldn’t say that. I think I actually give people the flu when I do the shuffle. Ha, but Dave Matthew’s impressions are always great.

    • Didn’t have to see you dance! Just have a feeling that when you dance thats how you get the ladies! Again, it doesn’t matter how you dance, just that you’re out there doing it…the worse the better! 😀 Hee hee hee… By the way you’ve never seen my Dave Matthews impersonations; its like me doing a Jimmy Fallon impersonation doing a Dave Matthews impersonation…HA HA HA!

  2. “Be honest and be true to thine own self.” YEs! And “then make sure you’ve checked your posterior after going to the loo – haha. Enjoyed reading this.

  3. You had me at Eagle vs. Shark. Great post. I distinctly remember being the “change-er” in 5th grade by learning and acting extremely interested in Pokemon so all the boys on the bus would like me. In the end, the only boy it actually attracted was the one who did armpit farts in class.

    • HA HA HA!!! You sound like a fellow Quirky Girl!!! Isn’t that our luck? We do something to attract a certain someone and wind up with “armpit fart boy”! Oh man you made me laugh out loud with your post! Thank you so much for this, you should write a blog based on your post alone!!! Ha ha ha! Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

      • Oh yeah. I definitely live a quirkified life. You’re so welcome! I haven’t thought about that in years, probably because I never wanted to admit that I know what (or who?) Bulbasaur is, and so on. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime soon. Thanks for the tip!

    • HA HA HA!!! At the age of 14 I was published in an Archie comic for a story I wrote about my Aunt. It was in a number one issue, and it was part of their 50th anniversary celebration! Also I’m currently working on a super-hero comic for all ages, writing, drawing and inking it. 😉

      Do you have any comic book loves, achievements etc.?

      • Impressive. That’s a good life accomplishment. I have quite a few comic book loves, but unfortunately I’ve never been published in one yet. The closest I’ve come was having a publisher tell me that he liked my story idea, just wasn’t able to use it in its current format at the time. I’m not as much of an artist or inker as I am a writer, so I didn’t actually have pictures to go along with what I had written. Good for you if you’re able to do all three, though!

      • WOW! That is pretty cool that you write your own comics too! What is your comic about? (I understand if you don’t want to voice it here on this open forum.) There are two wonderful books which my mom introduced me to, and they are written by Will Eisner. They are all about the art of writing and making comics and there is another one that might be cool to read about self publishing by Josh Blaylock. (Hopefully spelled his name right?) Either way, those books have helped me tremendously, and when a publisher tells you no…and you know you have a great idea or have faith in your idea…self publish! I was just talking to another blogging buddy and was telling him about a recon mission I did at the Chicago comic con a few years ago. The Chicago comic con is the most indie friendly out of the comic cons and they specifically have a section where comic book writers and artists can set up a booth and get the word out about their work! Maybe this is the route to go? You’ve got the hard part done, now all you gotta do is get the interest in it to gain the attention of the other publishers there that are on the look out for new talent! (Just an idea 😉 )

      • The one I mentioned to you was a story about a Christian superhero, but was (hopefully) not quite as corny as a lot of Christian media is often regarded as being. I submitted it to a Christian publisher a few years back and they liked it, just weren’t really able to use a collection of picture-less prose chapters that were neither a comic book nor a full novel. Since then, I have self-published a novel about an alien invasion, and I also wrote a much more epic one about several superheroes all working together, which I’ll hopefully be able to self-publish soon. I think self-publishing is a good step in the right direction, and sometimes helpful for making a little bit of money on the side, but eventually I’d like to get something published for real.
        Thanks for your helpful advice! It’s cool that you’ve been to the Chicago Comicon. The only comic cons I’ve been to are smaller, local ones in my home state (Virginia), but I’d love to go to a bigger one someday. Maybe I could also use that to look for publishing opportunities, like you suggested.
        What are your comic books about?

    • Oh, never thought of it that way? Hmmm. I was using it as a tactic to get their attention? Thanks for opening my eyes to that, will have to do something else next time! What tactic do you use?

  4. I find the “be honest/yourself” advice the most difficult… not for me, because I’ll just get quiet before I put on pretenses, but that’s what I’ve encountered in men. I’ve come to realize, tho, that it’s not necessarily an intentional thing–it seems rooted in a lack of self-awareness, combined with the image they wish to project to the world. It’s just a bummer finding out that it is, in fact, more of an “image” or even “personality disorder” rather than genuine. Great list!

    • Oh wow! You hit the nail on the head! That is often what I’ve run into as well…its so hard to help someone feel comfortable enough to let their guard down around you! Great comment! 🙂

  5. I think No’s 6 and 7 are the most important. They also go hand in hand. What I’ve learned as I grow older is this: if my parents and just one girl think I’m funny I have achieved my goal. And whenever I accidentally do something to make others like me more I feel as though I’ve cheated myself and my mood goes sour.

    • andylogan I can TOTALLY relate to this! If you can make someone elses day, then your job is DONE!:) 6 and 7 took a while for me to learn. Sometimes I would purposely do things in order to gain the appreciation of others only for them to see right through it and be more disillusioned with me? (Hope I’m wording that right, just got off work and am really tired!) So the feeling you get, I totally understand and it stinks! Yay for us sticking to 6 and 7!!! 😉

      • I personally exude sparkles.. and yes, it draws wonderful people to me. I say often (so often!) how utterly blessed I am to have the tribe of amazing people that comprise my chosen family!!!

      • #8 all the way lol. I like to joke around that 80’s movies like Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club inspired my dance skills. I just love moving to a beat, and I can’t stand not dancing. Or being around those who won’t dance.

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