The same thing we do every night…


Here the last few days I’ve been contemplating life. What is important, what needs to be purged and what I need to let go of that I’ve been holding onto for a dumb reason. Now is the time to purge the ten dollar clearance jeans with the Andy Warhol Pop Art version of Twiggy’s face down one side, now is the time to purge my closet of the Joker converse sneakers I wore in fifth grade, now is the time to let go of art I’ve made for others that I have no personal use for.

My life has changed forever, my husband has finally found a job close to where I live and has come to live with me. As you can imagine I am filled with insurmountable joy. It is because of the joy he brings in my life that I truly want to concentrate on what is important…us.

Recently a news show did a segment with four roommates they asked to go for a while without their phones, without their computers; they were to live a life without technology from this century. They could barely stand it, they had to check themselves in on Facebook to let everyone know where they were before they turned everything in to the news crew doing the experiment. One girl even complained of having withdrawal and started getting headaches.

Seeing this segment made me think this was a genius idea. I started contemplating taking down my Facebook account. Taking down my account would solve the problem of exes being able to track me down, find me and being able to revel in any of my losses over the years. It would solve the problem of constantly being turned down by a best friend for a request of lunch and once raucous, laughter inducing conversations; only to log to find out they have better things to do like hanging out with other mutual friends and my ex-husband.

Facebook has been the source of great anguish in my life, however, it has also been the source of great joy. Joys like; family and friends announcing a birth, someone getting a promotion, or just someone simply wanting to spread good vibes to those around them. Then I started thinking about the greatest joy Facebook has brought me, the ability to reconnect; to reconnect with long lost friends from grade school and reconnect me with my husband. If it weren’t for Facebook I wouldn’t have been able to spread the joy with family and friends near and far how well the first date went, how good the world suddenly seemed and that life was definitely looking up for yours truly.

Still even with all of this I contemplated again taking down the account to avoid distractions. Then today it hit me, we still need social media…for us.

We needed it to get us together…now we need it to start us as a married couple as entrepreneurs in the comic book world. We need it so we no longer have to be dreamers but can be DO-ers!

As of today starts my plight to get us off the ground, my plight to turn our creative endeavors into our retirement, our kids’ future and our charitable fund to help others like us, or others who in general are in need.

Today my husband and I hatched a plan which we soon plan to unfold not only on this blog, but on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media useful to writers and artists.

So for now dear readers, I will have to keep you in the dark until March about our big plan, but for now I will just say this, thank you for reading and God Bless Mark Zuckerberg.

What was something you contemplated giving up but instead found new use for? What is something that has been a source of pain for you but then later you realized it was something you needed to learn a life lesson?


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