Thank you note for the insight


A few days ago I was checking the stats on this blog. Sometimes its helpful as a writer to know where your audience is coming from. As it turns out, some of my viewers are coming from other readers’ blogs upon their recommendation.

Last June I had a great thrill when I found out Diary of a Quirky Girl had been featured on the Freshly Pressed page here on WordPress. It came at a time when I really needed a boost, I had just moved from St. Louis back to my small hometown with humble roots and felt alone. When you move from a place you have known for 6 years, coming home can be a bit of a reverse culture shock.

When the blog was featured, suddenly I didn’t feel alone and felt finally like I belonged somewhere. Still to this day people are viewing that particular entry and I’m still working on responses as a promise to my readers. However I dropped the ball. Suddenly when the blog hit it big, so did my life, a door opened up in the form of a date, an open invitation with open arms to a love that I had been looking for my whole life. Hopefully dear readers, you can forgive me as I get back on the ball here, respond to your replies still even yet and write crazy new stories and observances for you to read.

This all really hit home when I saw traffic coming in from a blog written by two young women named Araz and Diana. On one of their featured pages they had a list of “blogs I follow”. Diary of a Quirky Girl was one of them, not only was it one of them, they put it at the top of the list right under theirs.

Another promise to you dear readers, I will try to write at least one blog a week, even if its something trivial, but I want it to be something open and inviting for you to contribute to the conversation. The reason the writing here of late has been sparse is due to life changes, career changes and many other things. In spite of all of that I lost sight of a duty to you. When times change and the pace of life gets picked up, I know as a reader its frustrating when you feel the work you are reading isn’t up to snuff. As we all know time is one thing you can spend but never earn back.

One of my favorite comedic actors Mike Myers commented he would never turnout a movie he didn’t feel had quality, because he felt that is a lot of time and effort you’re asking the audience to invest in your project just to see it. If it isn’t quality then you are wasting their time. This my friends is what I want to avoid. You came to me in my time of need, at the very least I owe you quality writing for your time, hence another reason for the sparseness.

I can’t wait to write to you, hear and read from you all later!

Quirky Girl


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