Woody Allen would be proud…maybe…I don’t know


Today one of my worst fears was actualized. Usually when I handle fear, it’s in a neurotic, unsure way that drives people nuts and not in an endearing Woody Allen sort of fashion. In the instance of what happened to me, had it happened to someone else instead, we would have laughed as I told them everything was ok and their friend would forgive them. I’ve even been on the receiving end one time of a friendly Facebook mistake and was able to fix the problem, laugh and shrug it off with the friend it involved.

The plan was set early last week sometime for me to call my friend. This is no ordinary bestie, she was there for me in the worst of times. She is even the friend that was with me when I met my husband. She and I made a phone date to talk early Saturday morning. My husband and I were going to be on the road; I was going to call her and talk while he drove. The plans my husband and I made were compromised by the incoming snow storm but what we hadn’t planned on was me getting sick.

Yesterday we went to bed early, trying to take a nap to catch up on lost sleep. I set the alarm, twice it went off, twice I hit the button to reset and shut it off. We were simply too tired to wake up to enjoy the rest of the evening and I started feeling a tinge of something. This something had been trying to make a comeback since rearing its ugly head last week. While we slept, my bestie had texted twice. Once yesterday to see if our phone call was still on for today, and once this morning.

Trying to wake up this morning I was incoherent and feverish. It hurt to talk and the only thing on my face that could talk if it wanted to was my nose when I blew it. I finally looked at my phone realizing I had overslept the phone call. This is not the first time that things have caught up with me and I was unable to talk or converse with friends. I followed up with a couple of text messages to my friend explaining the situation and the severity of my sore throat. Within that hour I mustered up enough strength to call this friend only to hear her phone ring twice and hang up, then the second time send me to voice mail. I felt awful for having let her down.

My husband had momentarily left to get more groceries before the storm hit and to get other odds and ends to ail my cold. As I started to get hungry, wondering where he was, I decided to text him and let him know what was going on. The first text read, “I think she might be mad at me” with a sad face emoticon at the end of the sentence. Then explained it, “hurt to talk regardless.” Finally I asked when he would be home. Strangely, no reply. Suddenly I realized I was still texting my friend all of this (thats if she even still wants to be my friend), thus making me feel like an even bigger jerk.

When my husband finally made it home I showed him the texts intended for him and he read with his mouth agape in sympathetic embarrassment. All I could say was I hope she could forgive me. He lovingly gave me a side hug as he said, “I’m sure she will forgive you.”

In order to avoid further embarrassment I stopped texting that friend and started texting another. This time it was the correct person but somehow I was putting in extra letters and punctuation where it didn’t belong, so I knew that was it for me and should not do anymore communicating today through a phone.

Now, I sit patiently in bed with my new best friends “tissues” and “make-shift bed pan” trying to get over this mentally fragmenting cold. Lesson of the day, “Friends don’t let friends text while sick and delusional.”

What is your texting regret? What have you texted while incoherent?


4 thoughts on “Woody Allen would be proud…maybe…I don’t know

  1. i hope she will read your post today and call you right away, simply because she is your friend. Feel better soon and know that this happens only to people who care about their friends.

  2. I love you! I was just in khols without my phone. 😦 I miss talking to you! I hope we get to talk Friday. I miss hearing your voice!! I could never be mad at you, and I hope your not mad at me! It was just an off day as mom would say.

    Love you girl!

  3. I can usually tell how my night went by looking at the text messages the next morning after a drunken weekend night. Between me and what I get texted back, usually makes for an interesting read.

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