Dumb is forever

Hopefully with this blog entry I can explain my absence and tell a story for the writing challenge here on WordPress. Since May my husband and I have been working on trying to get ourselves organized, getting things together in order to have a garage sale to kickstart our relatively new life together.

Instead it turned out to be; him slimming down his book collection and me rummaging through my entire childhood. As a child, not realizing it, I would not only be forcing myself to momentarily get in the way of my future, but I would force myself to come to terms with my past, my awkwardness, my dreams, my reality…my quirks.

Among the things in the basement, I found the awkward five by seven school photos I gave to my grandparents.

Growing up, I went from being a semi normal looking kid…

to looking like the child Weird Al Yankovic could have had with Amy Grant had they married.

Seventh grade is an awkward stage for most people. Some people do fine in school and don’t worry about a thing. In my case I hated my school photo, and hated being a giant nerd. However, I had friends who appreciated me just as I was. At the time it didn’t seem like they liked me; usually after lunch. Why you ask? All because of a boy. A boy, they threatened to tell I had a crush on him. I distinctly remember four of my friends stealing my lunch napkin I used to blot my lipstick on, taunting me, threatening to write my number on the porous paper product and slide it between the slots in his locker. They never officially told me if they followed through with it, but that horrifying day they made me believe for sure they had.

As you can tell from the above paragraph, there was a severe amount of trauma involved in just finding a few photos. This is what I’ve been dealing with and my husband has unfortunately had to deal with it by my side. We find more things, I will hold said object and suddenly be transported to a time where the main worry was if my friends were going to embarrass me so badly I wouldn’t be able to survive third hour science class the next day and face the boy they came to call, “helmet head”. They called him this because his shiny dark hair formed a spherical protection unit around his gigantic brain.

Apparently I was so blinded by his giant brain that when I had a moment to finally read my junior high diary to my husband, we realized I painstakingly wrote about how this guy my friends teased me about had a “nice personality”. As a seventh grader who looked like Weird Al, I realized television’s Judge Judy was right, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever”. There is nothing worse than a boring person with a pretty face. If I could I would tell my seventh grade self there was nothing to worry about, not only in the future would I get the guy with a good personality, but he would also be cute and help me sort through my awkward past; physically and mentally.

Don’t let anyone fool you, being awkward builds character…and distracts you from getting any work done. Period.

What is something of yours you have found that has transported you back in time? Was it a good experience or bad?


9 thoughts on “Dumb is forever

  1. I have a box of odds and ends that transport me back. I have a card that was part of a magic act. I was probably 8 or 9 when it happened. I don’t remember where I was, but I remember I had a crush on the magician’s assistant. She was this slender figured red head. I was just head over heels for her. It lasted about a month or two. I never saw her again, but I have the card. It reminds me of that feeling. Strange moment, but the emotions are prominent in my head.

    • Ha ha ha! What a great memory!!! Have you thought about writing an entry based on that experience? It would make a great short story too! Isn’t it amazing how some small things make us think of something on a larger scale? Do your friends remember that moment as well? 🙂

  2. I’m currently rereading all the Harry Potter books and rewatching the films. I don’t know what made me do it. I guess something reminded me one day and I got this nostalgic feeling that I wanted to read them again. I was a huge Harry Potter fan from the ages of about 8 – 12. Going back and rereading them now at the age of 20 is a strangely moving experience for me. I actually found myself crying over a certain scene in one of the films. It probably sounds ridiculous! But I think it’s because it’s like returning to childhood innocence, remembering when all I had to worry about was nothing significant at all.

    • It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all to cry over certain scenes! J.K. Rowling is one of the most prolific writers of our time…and to see her work come to life is an amazing treat. It would be comparable to our grandparents or great grandparents seeing Wizard of Oz? You are completely right, it is a return to childhood innocence where the things that mattered weren’t huge to adults, but huge to us as children at the time. These books and movies are probably what helped shape you into who you are? I know for certain Archie Comics and The Monkees helped to shape part of who I am! Who is your favorite Potter character by the way?

      • Yes, the books played a huge part in my childhood. I like the way you put it; I think they probably have played a part in shaping me as I am now. Yesterday I read a post on a blog where the author said she “interpreted life through the stories that people tell”. I understand that. When life gets tough, I dive into the refuge of a book and take comfort in it. There’s a particular quote from Dumbledore which I love: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”.

        I have red hair, like Ginny, and I used to imagine I was her when I was younger. But my favorite Potter character has to be Hermione. I empathized hugely with her character when I first read the books and I saw – and still see – a lot of myself in her character. She’s a strong female character but J.K. Rowling has said there is insecurity and a fear of failure beneath the self-confidence she outwardly displays. How about your favorite character (if you like the series)?

      • Oh wow! This is a wonderful response! The quote you referenced is AMAZING! J.K. Rowling has said she wrote some of this through some of her darker periods…which is probably why she had Dumbledore say what he did. You always have to have hope, even when the chips are down.

        Yes, I agree with you and the other author too, you can interpret life through others’ work. (I apologize for sounding a bit all over the place, I just woke up!) the wonderful thing about losing yourself in someone’s work is, you can live their life, or see things the way they do without the consequences of going through it yourself. If they truly are a great writer like J.K. Rowling, then the reader’s empathy will take over, and they will feel like they are actually there, living and going through things every step of the way with the author.

        As far as favorite character, and looking like any of them, there aren’t any in particular I feel look like me, but oh my…as soon as Luna Lovegood came along I really identified with her. Two of my favorite parts with her came about when she talked about the other kids stealing her shoes. She had the wherewith all to understand they were just doing it out of fear, they feared what they didn’t understand. Also I love how everyone, including some readers underestimate her, especially when she goes in for a fight and comes out unscathed. (Sorry getting excited about story now…) I love how Ron loved listening to her game time commentary when she was the Quid-ditch announcer and how he was one of few people who DIDN’T underestimated her and knew her capabilities of being a tough cookie.

        She was like the one friend people in the story could turn to when everyone else saw them as being an outcast or weird…because they had solidarity with her. Not only did they have solidarity, but she was wiser than most people see her for, she understood things beyond the normal realm.

        Wow…I think you and I could go on about this for along time!!! Haven’t read the books in a while now, need to re-read them!

        Long story short, books help us to get through life, to learn lessons, to cope, to get lost and to have someone help us not feel alone. 😉

  3. It’s funny, because being awkward does build character. If only I liked sports, and was good at them. How much different would I have turned out? Oh the joys of growing up…

    • Is that a rhetorical question? 🙂 You are correct, had we been good at other things, we probably would not have cared about being able to write well, tell stories and make comics. In essence, as children we were practicing for adulthood! Had we been good at sports (with the exception of boxing) we probably would have torn a muscle, blown out a joint and then back at square one…a dried up has been with no other talents…we would only be able to write “good” and not “well”. Meanwhile, in current reality, you and I ultimately become the mentally fittest and survive!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! *cough* woah…

  4. I know that J.K. struggled with depression and sought CBT around the time of writing the first few books so I agree, it’s not surprising that it comes through in the books sometimes. And that’s partly what I like about them: rereading the series now is giving me a lot more insight into the depth of the series. Okay, so the HP series is hardly a ‘deep’ philosophical guide to life but there are a lot of things which just go straight over your head when you read the series as a child.

    Yep, Luna is wonderful. She deserves to be admired for her tolerance and understanding of other peoples’ motivations to do what they do.

    Anyway, I’d better cut this essay short! I agree; I think it could be a lengthy discussion. Nice virtually ‘chatting’ with you. 🙂

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