Daily Writing Challenge: Fly on the wall…or guitar


Not exactly time travel…

Most people when they think of traveling back in time, they think of having the ability to change something, an event which has changed the world or our very lives. Inevitably there is a reason why time machines don’t exist, we would never learn anything about ourselves as the human race if we did.

This challenge of thinking what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during any point in time in history has made me re-evaluate what I would do with my time if I had it. If for a day, we could observe something that has changed the world and if indeed we had to be a fly, indubitably we wouldn’t be able to change the course of history. Being a mere fly we would not have the upper body strength to save someone from a falling meteorite, a mine shaft or even operate basic machinery. Having my mind in a fly’s body would be rough, you wouldn’t want to go some place where you couldn’t have a say in the outcome and keep people from being hurt or devastated.

If I were able to transform into a fly and somehow accidentally get trapped inside a Delorean with Michael J. Fox or some sort of space-time continuum paradox, I would want to be transported to a time of something positive. As a fly, I would spring forth to the date February 4th, 1964 in New York City.

If I had my choice of time machines I would definitely fly Tardis style. Seeing as I’m just a fly, obviously there would be some form of help involved because the “Doctor” would be involved in the basic operation of this fine piece of equipment. The doors open into the subway where I immediately fly into one of the subway cabins which is now full of pre-teen and teenage girls waiting to go to the Ed Sullivan show. As the doors would open, I would follow the large group of young women into the auditorium and fly down the stairs, right onto the stage and perch on the amp of the featured musical act of the night. There I would wait perched on the amplifier while I watched Frank Gorshin, along with other acts including a young Davy Jones in the cast of Oliver. beatles-rock-band-ed-sullivan-show-stage

You see, this night would have a plus for me in two ways. I would be able to go back in time to meet Mr. Davy Jones as I am now, but in a fly’s body to witness him as a young man, just as when I was a young girl I was able to witness him as an older man in concert. The other plus…I would also get to witness, along side with Mr. Jones, the beauty of something positive; mass hysteria over good music. In case you haven’t guessed it, I would be a fly that would land on George Harrison’s guitar to hear the music first hand when the Beatles changed the landscape of not just American music, but the entire music world. I would be able to witness first hand how everyone for once decided against violent crimes and against breaking laws in lieu of being able to witness something so ground breaking and different from the time the music was created.

This is where I would want to be, some place where positivity was so rampant, not even a hubcap was stolen at that time in New York City.

Where would you be if you could be a fly on the wall in history?




11 thoughts on “Daily Writing Challenge: Fly on the wall…or guitar

  1. It’d be interesting to live during the Athenian democracy. To see working. Or the Roman Empire in its prime.

    Something more 20th century would be the 1950s. I like the vibe that comes from the 50s. It wasn’t the best, nor the worst of times. It just was.

    • The Roman Empire in it’s prime sounds intimidating to me! Ha ha ha! The 50’s would be interesting, but in a lot of ways, it seems the 60’s attitude was caused by the 50’s ideal of the perfect image (keeping up with the Jones’s) and subduing what was real and bubbling under the surface for many people. Even though the fashion was cool, unfortunately for me, my attitude would not fit the ideal of what a woman should have been in the 50’s? Definitely a great time cinematically, a lot of great films came out during that time period! 🙂

      What would you do if you could see Athenian democracy in progress? Would you participate?

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  5. Dude flying back in a Delorean Michael J. Fox style sounds awesome finding a point in time is definitely hard. Maybe it would be 1989 … the junior high school gym … and reliving my Jake Ryan with Rafa … only this time I would totally let him kiss me 🙂

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