The other week I caught a whiff of something, it was a smell transporting me back to 1994. It reminded me of a particular perfume I used to wear when going out with a particular boy. Even more so, it reminded me of the trouble my friend had gotten into the very night we went on a triple date.

My friend had invited us to a dance at the Elk’s lodge in our small town; which our town is no longer that small but I digress. This was a new experience, somehow she caught wind of this shindig from some of her friends and then told myself, one of my other best friends and the person I was dating at the time about it. It was exciting for us because this was not a dance on school property, which meant opportunity to meet people we’ve never met before, therefore begetting new experiences and semi-reinventing ourselves with another group of people. Even though we dressed the same as we did at school, here we were free to be ourselves and feel good about our social experience no matter how horrible we were at slow dancing.

In preparation for that night, I set my other bestie up with a guy friend of mine. In addition to setting my friend up for the night, I sprayed and doused myself with a perfume called, “Exclamation”. It seemed appropriate. I get nervous when hanging out with other people no matter how well I know them; I never wanted to be the smelly kid.

My date and I arrived at the lodge, which from the outside looked more like a temporarily built corrugated metal building. Thank goodness it wasn’t storming that night, otherwise the entire building and dance floor would have been turned into an “electric boogaloo”.

My date was wearing his faux cowboy outfit (he obviously was trying to completely reinvent himself) and I was wearing my favorite wool plaid dress which looked like a Piet Mondrian painting. In order to complete this look, my friend and I purposely wore mismatched socks featuring Sylvester the cat on one and Snoopy on the other. Even though we were mismatched, we at least matched each other for fun. Topping off the mismatched socks we also wore Birkenstock sandals. Yes dear readers, we were awesome.

We made our way inside to find our friends dancing, and boogying down with many other teenagers in a dark one room area lit with Christmas lights. The MC was quite a bit older than the rest of us and burst out some dance moves none of us had ever seen before. The more he danced the more we egged him on to keep going. It was at this point his hip or back gave out on him and he gave up dancing for the night. Shortly thereafter the party kind of died.

The next week I had asked my friend who invited all of us out to go and do something. Apparently she had lied to her parents and they knew nothing about our night of innocent boogying. She was grounded for what seemed like forever, but apparently this was nothing new to her. I learned from that moment on, my friends’ parents should always know what we were doing, even if my parents were ok with us going out. I just wanted to ensure no one was ever grounded again; exclamation point.

What scent transports you?

3 thoughts on “Exclamation!

  1. The smell of dill immediately takes me back to the old ranch in New Mexico. My grandmother and aunt canned lots of dill pickles!
    There’s this lemon cologne that reminds me of the many trips around Turkey. We’d get lemon cologne before we got on the bus and then when we’d enter shops. I found some of this cologne in St Louis. It’s great stuff!

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