A very Mindy Kaling Friday the 13th

It is days like this last Friday the 13th where I feel spoiled. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time and strangely it was on of all days, one of the few deemed as unlucky by many.

Thursday night on a lark I decided to share some love. I tweeted out to a supremely talented writer and actress to let her now how much her show has brought joy into my life within the last week or so. We will just say this, I have not belly laughed this hard since seeing Noises Off with my husband in Rolla, Missouri at the Ozark Actors Theater since our first date.

I tweeted to Mindy Kaling, “In my next life can I be @mindykaling ? #girlcrush #girlpower #themindyproject”. Figuring she would see it, knowing she had in some way made a difference in this person’s life with laughter, I never expected anything back. I just wanted her to know she was appreciated.

Then Friday morning, as per usual fair, I woke up, took my thyroid medicine and checked my Twitter. Low and behold, Mindy Kaling my new celebrity crush favorited my tweet!

I couldn’t believe it and I had only been awake about 30 minutes.


This was going to be a good day. Even if all odds were against me, I still knew I had put positivity out there and it was as if I was being rewarded with taking the initiative for putting it out there. I went to work in a good mood and through the course of the day as you tend to get focused on tasks you forget why you’re in a good mood but you just are.

This good mood (which up until this month was a rarity as a constant state) was drawing people in to work. One of the regulars where I work came in for her usual smoothie. She was running late to her work as usual and when this happens we are typically graced with her loveliness.

One of my good buddies just happens to have a crush on the girl who always runs late. We had hatched a plan earlier that when this girl comes in I would ask him for a bag of spinach to bring over for the smoothie and sandwich bar. Luckily he caught my hint, and we just happen to have needed a bag of spinach. He managed to find a way twice to work his way over to my department.

The second time, I was able to help him segue into our conversation about doing good deeds and random acts of kindness for others around you. Pretty soon I was sort of edged out of the conversation when all of a sudden the girl who always runs late invited both of us to an event ironically held by the local station which also airs The Mindy Show. This had to be a sign.

The event involved a premiere of Sleepy Hollow coming out this fall, an inflatable screen, beverage pong (really it turned out to just be water, there were children invited to the event) and free Qdoba Mexican Grill. Eventually through conversation the girl asked my buddy to write the information down, which at this point he boldly asked for her number.

After she left the store, my buddy and I went to the back and did a happy dance in celebration of him finally getting a girl’s number he had been crushing on for a month and for finally getting off our butts and going out to do something with our lives.

After work my husband met up with my buddy and I at the gym and we had a great time. I texted my husband to meet us there because of the invitation we received by the girl who always runs late. I texted him everything we had been told, however later he told me all I really had to tell him about was the free food. Even if we weren’t able to hear or accurately see what was going on, we could at least mingle with those around us and for all tense and purposes munch on some free Qdoba Mexican Grill.

As it turns out, after the boxing work out my buddy was too tired and unkempt to his standards to do anything else afterward. He elected to go home and meet up with our new acquaintance another time seeing as he now had her number to explain his absence. My husband and I didn’t hesitate, we made a beeline for the free entertainment and food. We said goodbye to our friend and drove across the street.

Upon arrival and walking into the event we saw the pong table set up for the new show “Dads”. A few people were watching so we didn’t head over just yet. We found my new friend and we chatted for a bit and we made our way through the line to get free food. After we sat down, I realized they had an empty spot at the pong table.

Having never played before I quickly sat my plate down and asked my husband to join me. We played, each getting a chance to make three shots. What we didn’t realize is the winner would get a free shirt. I was doing well at first but then started to progressively get worse. My husband eventually won and the hostess asked what shirt I wanted. This was nice for a change, winning for losing! In order to commemorate the night I asked for the shirt featuring the Sleepy Hollow logo and a funny slogan with blood splatter on the front. My husband then asked for a shirt which came packaged in a pizza box promoting the cartoon line up on our local station. My shirt came in handy as it was getting colder throughout the night and it had long sleeves.

We went back to our chairs and met some interesting people, some which were battling with their grabby 5 month old grand baby. There were the parents of said baby who were unwilling to discipline. There were crazy kids swimming in the cold water at the pool and there were people who were accidentally setting off their car alarms. Then, there was us. We were finally glad to be a part of an event where people were just happy you showed up. We were happy to be there, under the stars enjoying free fun and for once, going on what felt like a date.

There we sat, under the stars with complete strangers, all watching the premiere of Sleepy Hollow. We all made cracks and comments at the beginning only to find ourselves actually enjoying the plot line the further we dug into the show. After the festivities, we went home and did what any other fun loving sane couple would do; we watched The Mindy Show.

It was a great Friday the 13th and it all started and ended with a good mood caused by Mindy Kaling.

What put you in a good mood for a whole day? What celebrity always manages to make you laugh no matter what?


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