Random Thoughts


When I told my sister -in-law I was off the Facebook horse she asked how she would know when a new Quirky Girl post has been written. Simple. I told her a light would shine brightly in the sky for her but unlike Batman my signal would be more apt…a silhouette of just my glasses. Then again maybe this is not such a good idea. People might think we are signaling Groucho Marx and we all know that isn’t happening. Not only would Groucho probably belittle our little poke at pop cultural phenomena he wouldn’t show up because he has the audacity to be deceased.

If Ferns were capable of having cognizant thought, they could come together and write a script for their own television show called “Fronds”.

If you have landed on this blog expecting pictures of Miley Cyrus dancing, you’ve obviously not spell checked yourself. You were looking for “Diary of a Twerky Girl”.

I have an irrational fear of Neil Diamond. It might have something to do with my former boss blasting his music in the store at decibels no one should have to experience. When his music plays, images of a middle aged gentleman belting out vocals with such gusto to the extent his chest hair pops out of his shirt come to mind. There really can be too much of a good thing, just look at Elvis.

Liberace had some of the coolest bedazzled boots and shoes. Ringo Starr and Steve Martin come in second just because theirs are generally more practical. (Check out their Twitter feed!)

It would be cool if for one day my co-workers and I could talk like Sammy Davis Jr. or Lawrence Welk. However as my co-worker pointed out, we might have to explain the impression in order to exhibit them in front of younger customers.

On the way to work, I have a hard time deciding what song I would sing during my imaginary audition on The Voice. I’m waiting secretly for a follow up show to The Voice called, “The Backup”. The scenario plays out like this; three people get a chance to win and go on tour with the coach of their choice. My odds are better in this version, if I don’t know the words I just mouth the words while the other two contestants sing. Who was off key? No one would be able to figure it out…unless the other contestants don’t know the words either. I really didn’t think this through, scratch this it’s a terrible idea. Nobody would be entertained by trios of contestants silently flapping their gums.

What random thoughts have you had this week?


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. this post just makes me want to have coffee with you so that we could talk about random quirky things for hours and hours. like, for instance, i would definitely sing i wanna dance with somebody by mrs. whitney if i were auditioning for the voice. since i can’t sing at all (didn’t even make 6th grade choir) i will just keep my tunes to the shower…

    • YES!!! If we ever find ourselves in the same spot at the same time we SHOULD get coffee!!! Reading your blog is so inspiring and makes me want to go door to door with you to meet, greet and cheer up people!!! As far as the singing goes, any singing as long as it is joyful is amazing! 😉 Bust out your inner Whitney girl!!!!!! If we ever meet in the real world maybe we could find a karaoke coffee shop and bust out of tune duets? Ha ha ha…Spice Girls are always good out of tune! 😉

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