The quirky girl and the lake


We set out to tame the lake. It was July 4th and we donned our best gear for capturing large fish who could swallow a hook whole. We jetisoned out of the marina in hopes to find something no other fisherperson had found that day. As we sat in the boat, we ripped through the air as if we were reslient to it’s forces. It rushed our faces and made my hat look like a rugged outbacker’s hat rather than that of a dutch countess.

As we gazed upon the water it became like mercury. Spilling over itself, tempting us to jump into it’s depths, we continued to part the waters in search of the perfect place to tame the large body of water.

We found a cove. It was perfect for finding the treasure we sought. Giddy with delight my mother-in-law quickly set my hook with a worm and I cast it to it’s watery grave below. The waves and ripples of the water plinked and plonked against the pontoons sounding like a muffled steel drum band.

The fishing rod bobbed once, then twice and suddenly I found myself playing tug of war with a creature at the other end of the line. It had been a long while since I had been fishing. The last time I fished it was with my parents on family property.

This time was different. I was bigger, and so was the fish. The rod kept bending . It was at this time I realized I had been using a child sized fishing pole, my niece’s nickname had been scribed across the thin part of the pole. It was obviously too late to change fishing rods at this point, it’s not as if fish take a break and say, “Okay, I’ll make it easy on you” and switch hooks in the water.

I pulled and tugged with all my might. “Step on the gas!” I shouted to my father-in-law steering the boat. My husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law had their hooks cast off the side, there was no way they could come to my aid. Pretty soon the engine started smoking as my line became increasingly tethered to something that now felt like the Lochness Monster.

My mother-in-law grabbed my waist and pulled as I pulled the fishing rod. Pretty soon my husband dropped his fishing pole too and wrapped his arms around my mother-in-laws waist. Pretty soon the entire family joined in and resembled the children’s story of the entire village that had to literally and metaphorically ban together to pull a giant radish from a neighbor’s farm.

Smoke came billowing out of the engine and blocked our vision. My father-in-law ran to drop the anchor and kill the engine. He started tugging and pulling with us. Eventually my footing gave way, I slipped, my mother-in-law slipped, my husband, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and father-in-law, all slipped and skidded as we held on tight trying to land the fish.

Eventually the line eased up. We were finally able to get our sea legs and peer over the edge of the boat to see what was giving us so much trouble. My hook had caught the bottom of the lake. It was either that or the worm had it’s revenge and clamped down on the lake floor fooling us all into thinking we were about to achieve something amazing.

Disclaimer: Some of this story maybe a bit of farce. I’ll let you decide which parts.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?


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