A Winkler in Time

As some of you may know there have been a few revelations in my life, and recently this last month there was a paradigm shift. When the mind starts to clear and the hazy fog of the blues fade away you see things differently.

The other day I was preparing a kale smoothie for a customer. While ringing him up at the register, it took a few seconds before I realized he shared the same surname as one of America’s most loved personalities.


All of a sudden I looked up at the man in his early forties with a stubbly chin and politely asked, “Are you of any relation to the actor?”

The man said, “Unfortunately no.” He chuckled and smiled. I looked at the logo on his polo shirt and noticed he worked as a computer technician. Then it dawned on me. If “Happy Days” was written by today’s standards, Fonzie would no longer hit a Juke Box.


I mentioned this to the customer, then added, “He would have to hit an iPad or a cell phone now.”

The man smiled and said, “That would be kind of nerdy actually.”

Then another realization settled in, all things nerdy are now cool, which I also pointed out to the man. I proclaimed, “Geek Chic’ is in now…so technically, Fonzie is still cool!”

This just goes to prove classic people like Henry Winkler (a.k.a. The Fonz) never go out of style, they just get updated.


Do you consider yourself trendy or a classic type of personality? How do you see yourself 40 years from now? Are you “updated” like a computer or “aged” like a fine wine?


4 thoughts on “A Winkler in Time

  1. I loved Happy Days … Watched it every week The Fonz was definitely a cool cat. And I’m neither trendy or classic…I’m kind of out of the box and hope to age like an awesome wine because they better every day…they’re organic

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