The Case of the Mysterious Singing Elevator

It has been said the human brain starts to become forgetful around the age of thirty. Well the joke is on them, (whoever said that, I can’t remember their name to be honest) because I’m thirty-four years old and going back to University to fill my head with new things.

Apparently this last Wednesday I filled my head too full.


I could blame it on walking up a total of eleven flights of stairs and down eleven flights of stairs and exhausting myself in the process, but I won’t. I could blame it on walking in almost one hundred degree heat between buildings on campus, but I won’t. Not to be conceited but the reason is, I’ve been finding when I get smarter, I start to forget other things, normal things.

After my three classes, while walking to my car the neuroplasticity was doing it’s thing inside my brain. I arrived at the car park after a long walk from the tall, overly hot buildings to find myself in front of the elevator doors. (I have a fear of elevators which I will explain to you another time in the future.) Because this was the first week of school, I was already riddled with some anxiety. It’s not that I have doubt in myself, it’s if I’m remembering everything correctly in class.

Because I was so concerned about retaining what I was learning a peculiar thing happened. I overcame my fear of getting in an elevator and stepped on. That wasn’t the peculiar part. Music started playing, in fact, it sounded a lot like Ben Harper.


Bear in mind I attended this University almost ten years ago. When I used this elevator before in the same car park, I didn’t recall music ever playing in the elevator.

As the elevator went up, suddenly the anxiety about school and memorization went away. Then a thought popped in my head, “I wonder if they started putting music in the elevators to calm nervous students?” None of the other elevators on campus play music. I was reluctant to step off because I wanted to stay on and hear the rest of the song, however daylight was burning so I decided to step off and walk.

As I walked, the music stayed the same volume. I didn’t look back. I wondered why the elevator doors hadn’t closed yet, and why if I was getting further away the volume stayed the same. In that moment I thought the music in the elevator was becoming increasingly louder seeing as I could hear it half way across the car park. I was actually thankful for that being the case because I was really enjoying the song.

Once my feet hit the pavement about three fourths of the way to my car, I realized the music was emanating from my back pack.

My computer had gone off and started playing music.

I couldn’t decide if I was relieved or crazy.

What is something silly that happened to you that was a result of you forgetting something? When have you done something that you were glad no one was around to see?


4 thoughts on “The Case of the Mysterious Singing Elevator

  1. Experienced something in a similar scenario. Shortly after I had moved to my current new place, one night I walked down the public corridor, when I heard soft talking behind me. It was past midnight and noone else was there but me. When I looked around, the elevator door opened – with noone inside. I do not readily believe in ghosts, but this was a bit creepy. Anyway, I shrugged it off. Few days later the same thing happened again!

    What I found out eventually: my floor had been programmed to be the parking position for the elevator when noone was using it (kinda odd, because I’m neither located on the top nor the bottom). And a voice announces every floor.

    It’s a good example, why we should not jump to conclusions when we see things that don’t seem to have a normal explanation. Somehow, the brain tends to pick less likely explanations, a bit like in your case, Quirky Girl 🙂

    • WOW! That is SUPER creepy! That is strange they would have it programmed to stop at your floor. The good news is, you had an explanation for the voice and the location of the elevator! Luckily it wasn’t some creepy person like you would see in an Alfred Hitchcock film. As far as my ol’ brain picking a less likely explanation…it tends to happen where I feel something or dream something that isn’t there? LOL! 🙂 Kind of hard to explain. Glad you are safe, maybe your situation would make a great short story? 🙂

    • Thank you so much White Pearl! Thank you for the favorite and the follow as well! The photo at the end spontaneously popped up while searching for something else…it was kismet. 🙂 Ha ha ha, thank you for the compliments and the kind words! ❤

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