An abundance of leggings

Today on campus as I made my way toward the parking garage there were droves of young women grouping together wearing black leggings, as pants.funny-squirrel-Fall-leggings-pants     I was on the fence about Yoga pants being worn in public as official lazy day attire, but to wear leggings you can’t be lazy.  Leggings require too much effort to stretch over the legs and derriere to be considered in the same category as effortless sweat pants and Yoga pants.

     Even though all of these women had lovely shapes and sizes, I felt like I was back in the high school locker room only now it is public and everyone is letting it ALL hang out.

     Women should be free to wear what they want, when they want.  However, if you are going to wear leggings, call them for what they are, footless tights, not pants.  Maybe I’m jealous.  Maybe I’m old school.Funniest_Memes_if-leggings-were-pants-do-you-know-what_5710     Yes, lets go with that shall we?  I’m old school.  So old, that I tried to go with this trend twenty four to twenty five years ago, in fifth grade.  Fifth grade is an appropriate age to experiment with wearing things of this nature, but for me it went horribly wrong.

     My parents and I were shopping at K-mart.  That is when I saw the most beautiful color of blue in the world.  The blue was brighter than azure, it was as if someone had hooked up tiny neon lights to these new lycra stretchy pants and turned them up full volume.  I finally convinced my parents to purchase a pair for me.

     As the night came to a close I went to bed knowing in the morning I would get to wear the coolest “pants” in school.  When I woke up I wore them with the appropriate sweatshirt and headed to the bus stop in a cheery mood.  By the time I had officially arrived at school, been in the “pants” for a solid 5 hours I was fed up with being lady-like.  Instead I forgot I was wearing what felt like tights but could be considered trousers.

     I made the mistake of turning to the side, leaning back in my chair and talking to a boy.  It was at that moment, said boy, pointed to my mid section saying, “You have a hole in your pants.”  Thats right, I had a hole.  A hole in the crotch.

     Ladies, it’s not necessarily that leggings aren’t pants. It’s not you, it’s me.  It’s one of my worst fears to put on a pair of leggings, walk around campus or work the whole day without realizing I had been flashing everyone my “Fruit of the looms”.

What fashion statements have you had a hard time dealing with? Which fashion statements do you wish would go away?


7 thoughts on “An abundance of leggings

    • Yes they will! (Then again some may not?) But often times, as I’m sure you have done, I’ve gone back and wondered “WHY?!” Sometimes I was surprised no one pointed out wearing 7 layers of clothes to a school dance was just as unappealing?! LOL! 🙂 (Seriously you should have seen the outfit…) What are some trends you have regretted?

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