A Danny Glover moment

Everyone has a Murtaugh list by the time they reach thirty.  By this I am loosely referencing a How I Met Your Mother episode and a few blogs I have read listing all the things they are now officially “too old for”.

For those who are not familiar with the Lethal Weapon reference or movies, I will fill you in.  Basically there comes a point in the movie where Danny Glover’s character Roger Murtaugh is faced with doing something he is too tired to do anymore.  However he relents and performs said task saying, “I’m too old for this…” followed by an expletive.

When will he be sure he is too old?

When will he be sure he is too old?

Bear in mind I had not kept up with the series of How I Met Your Mother at the time I made the following joke.

In 2011 as you know I moved into an apartment on my own without cable, a luxury I loved but could live without.  Not having cable led to a friendship with a co-worker.  We had been working on the registers and we found out each other were big Dr. Who fans.  When he found out I hadn’t had the opportunity to keep up with the series we made it a ritual every Saturday night (for two Saturdays at least) to buy appetizers, bake them and eat during the Dr. Who festivities. (After word got around work we were watching T.V. and baking food, soon we were unable to hear the T.V. over a sizable group of people on a Saturday night.)

He and I had established a good rapport. When you spend enough time working with someone you can almost read their thoughts.  In return, if you’re lucky, they will understand your humor.

While we were at the registers we observed a twenty something (possibly younger) doing something with so much zest and zeal, it didn’t look worth the effort to us.  Our logic was why work harder when you can work smarter?

I looked to my left to observe him eyeing this person trying to keep a straight face.  Calmly and in a low voice I asked, “Are you having a Danny Glover moment?”

His face contorted, eyebrows drawn quizzically across his face and his eyes squinted when suddenly a slow rumbling chuckle made it’s way out of his epiglottis.  The slow rumbling chuckle then turned into to full blown laughter echoing through out the store.

“Yes, yes I am having a Danny Glover moment.” he said with a smile.

If you have a moment where you start contemplating, “When did I get so old?” just remember, if you are over thirty, you are entitled to a Danny Glover moment. Take back your age with dignity and proclaim you have earned the right to be too old to engage in certain activities.

Your friends want to ride push carts through the grocery store?  “No thanks, I’m having a Danny Glover moment.

Your friends are urging you into a soda chugging contest which you know will end with the foamy results coming out of your nose?  “I’m having a Danny Glover moment.

Are your friends wanting you to do those impersonations you once did in high school of all of your favorite comedians?  “No thanks, I’m having a Danny Glover moment.

Everyday anymore is a Danny Glover moment for me.  My Facebook news wall is filled with joyous twenty somethings doing things I once did.  Everyday on campus is a Danny Glover moment for me when I see students skateboarding to class, and girls talking about how complicated their life is when the answer is so simple and right there in front of them.  For once, I am not fearing being in a permanent state of Danny Glover-ness.  I have earned it.  I have earned my stripes, albeit they are gray and in my hair, but I have earned them.  For now I will sit back, drink my tea and sit knowing when exactly my Danny Glover moment began with my friend three years ago, and relish it.

What are you too old for?  What do you wish you weren’t too old for?  What do you miss? 


2 thoughts on “A Danny Glover moment

    • The funny thing about the Murtaugh line is you can’t use it in front of certain company or customers, HOWEVER you can say you’re, “having a Danny Glover moment” in front of anyone! It’s a clean way to get a point of frustration across. 🙂 And yes it is always awesome when friends get your jokes! 😛 Again thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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