Slim pickens

Sometimes while at work I will let my mind meander while I’m washing the dishes.  Today, my mind went too far.  My thoughts made a wrong turn down a dark alley with a tiny light showing through at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile my hand was armed with a scouring pad and navigating the soapy water to find the next utensil to scrub.

Back in my mind I was peering through the tunnel and suddenly sitting in my Kindergarten class room.  My classmates all have their metal lunchboxes out, mine has a picture of random Care Bears doing something with a rainbow.Care Bear LunchboxIf you were lucky, your thermos wasn’t defective.  I wasn’t lucky.  Just ask my soggy sandwich.  Suddenly I look to my right and the teacher has taken out the automated slide projector.  This is one of the first times I have experienced a projector.

Back to the present day, in the sink at work, my hands are turning into prunes when suddenly I remember an alarmingly unexpected image.

In my memory, I’m still at the table, halfway through a chocolate chip Quaker Oats bar when suddenly on the projector screen appears a man.  Not just any man, a man who seems to be wearing his vital organs on a nude leotard.

Slim Goodbody

There were whispers echoing across the crowded darkened classroom. “Is that Richard Simmons?” 

Quickly my mind flashed out of Kindergarten, back through the tunnel in my brain and back in the present with my hands scrubbing a mug.

 “Why did she show us THAT during lunch?”

This is a repressed memory I could live without. I still beg to wonder why my teacher thought it was a good idea to show us Richard Simmons in a form fitting leotard that accentuated every last morsel of his tiny body.

SILM-GOODBODY-RICHARD-SIMMONSYou have to admit, they do look alike.

What is a repressed memory you have forgotten until recently?  Did you laugh or did you wonder why the event took place?


2 thoughts on “Slim pickens

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading! The body leotard guy is a great Halloween costume! Just don’t try to eat any candy while dressed like him, you don’t want to see where the candy ends up. LOL! 🙂

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