Downtown Gabby

As noted before in this blog, curious things occur while on the bus service at school.  I think one could make an anthropological study based on human behavior in public transit.

Sometimes though, you can just sit and listen, you don’t even need to study.


As I boarded the shuttle bus on the way to the parking garage, so did a younger gentleman and several other younger people.  I started to space out as I usually do, but something was interrupting my day dream from the back of the bus.  Looking across from me a girl looked at me as if to say, “Good grief.”  Slowly turning my head to the back, I saw the young gentleman, on his iPhone, wearing a fraternity hat.

It didn’t use to bother me so much when people spoke on their phones in public.  Maybe I wasn’t bothered because they were quickly calling their loved one to confirm a shopping list for groceries or for something else of necessity.

This guy was obviously in need of something.

Pretty soon everyone on the bus was in on his situation with his advisor who he clearly hadn’t seen.  He started raising his voice claiming the students hired as inefficient secretaries are the obvious mouth piece for the advisors and he wasn’t getting anywhere.  Actually, that isn’t true, he was on the bus so he was getting somewhere, just not where he wanted.

I turned to face the girl across from me and widened my eyes as if I could psychically communicate with her.  She did the same to acknowledge she felt the same way.

Understandably I’ve had my fair share of issues of registering for classes at school.  One time it became, as I told a friend, “An upstairs downstairs comedy.”  If it had a title I would call it “Downtown Gabby”.  A hilarious comedy about a modern day woman LITERALLY running up four flights of stairs and down four flights of stairs several times in a building where all the secretaries seem to have forgotten a man named Alexander Graham Bell existed and the phone hasn’t apparently been invented yet.

communication or torture?

I remember by the time I had run up the stairs to address an issue with my student status, I was so out of breath I couldn’t speak to the woman at the desk.  She had to give me a minute to get my breath back. I kept trying to apologize for my breathlessness but every-time I tried big gasps of air kept leaking and I needed that air to survive.

If this fellow on the bus had encountered anything like what I had, I sympathize with him, however, next time he should wait until he gets to a more private location before conversing.  What can I say, I like my moment of Zen on the bus.

Later in the day I had to shop for some basic necessities.  As I entered the store a man came blazing through the sliding doors with gusto talking on an iPhone.  He looked like he came fresh off of a construction sight.  He was talking loudly about how much money he had just made.  In fact he said, “Like that, BOOM one-hundred-and-eighty-dollars!”

The only thing that ran through my head is, “Rude!”  Actually there was another thing that also ran into my head, this guy has no clue if I’m a mugger or pick pocket.  What if I was?  I guess he picked the safest place to be to proclaim his new earnings.  There were definitely too many witnesses for me to carry out the most obvious plan.

The plan where I politely tell him I need to tie my shoe and ask him to hold my basket so both of his hands are occupied. Then I run around to his back and swipe the wallet out of his back pocket.  Meanwhile I grab random Bananas on the way out and throw it at him and guards now alerted to my presence by my singing, “Banana-nana boo boo”.


Maybe it wouldn’t have worked, but it definitely works when trying to give someone a wedgie.  Maybe that should be the punishment for talking loudly about personal things in public on your phone…a gigantic wedgie.

I remember sitting next to a woman in a stall at Target.  By the end of her very personal phone call I knew the results of her check-up at the doctor, her blood type, and what that very awkward noise was in the stall next to me while she told the person on the other end of the phone.  Yeah, I definitely should have given her a wedgie for talking privately in a public restroom.  Knowing my luck though she would be wearing panty-hose.

What behaviors annoy you in public?


One thought on “Downtown Gabby

  1. The same behaviour annoys me too. :0 Nothing against quickly answering a call for 1..2 mins, basically to get across that you cannot freely talk. But if it becomes the entire trip, or I-stand-50-yards-away-from-you kinda volume, then it really disturbs. I also like to ponder about the universe in public transportation, especially when in bus.

    Matching the topic: I have just been in Japan last month – it’s amazing how considerate people are there. They actually try to keep it down in trains. Quietest rides in full trains I have experienced so far. Way to go!

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