Quirkier than fiction

Dear Readers,

As of December 12th, I’ve started a fiction blog in addition to this one. Wanting to tie it in with the theme of this one, it is titled Quirky Girl Fiction. Even though it is fun writing about life experiences, lessons and irrational fears, only a small section of my brain is receiving exercise by writing about these things.

Earlier this spring as part of required curriculum I took a creative fiction writing, short story class and absolutely loved it. As you can imagine, the homework in this class got the brain juices flowing. Half way through the semester I remembered an idea I had for a screenplay when I was 21. After taking the creative writing course, I realized it would make a great story presented as a serial with some illustrations instead of the original screenplay.

This idea was the main reason for my starting the fiction blog. However, in starting this endeavor, I decided it would be better to start off the fiction blog with a tried and true story, one that has been workshopped and edited to present to you as the first several entries. Each one will also have an illustration accompanying it.

Think of it as the advertisement trailers you see before the main feature. Hopefully it will be enough to whet your appetite while I finish the novel in mind before presenting it to you.

Here is the website http://www.quirkyisthename.wordpress.com . Hopefully you will join me in this literary adventure.


Quirky Girl


2 thoughts on “Quirkier than fiction

  1. Yay, go for it! 🙂
    (Seems it takes a short trip and sitting in a Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur to finally notice and read this; finally away from work. Will go on reading your Part 1 now)

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