The great gasp

Yesterday we were discussing Paradise Lost in my English Literature class.  We were getting to the final chapters when the professor started talking about Adam and Eve and the moment before “the fall”.

adam_and_eveHe phrased what was happening in the story something like this, “Eve has just taken a bite from the apple. Adam looks at her and has the attitude of, ‘if you’re going down then I’m going down with you.”  The professor then looked to me in the back and said, “If you’re Eve, should Adam eat the apple?”

I said, “I don’t know, I’d like to see where this is going.”  Honestly I was a little embarrassed after getting called on and could feel my face getting warm.  Also, I know he always has a trick up his sleeve as to where the story is going, because it’s not always what we think.

He then asked again, “Noooo, if you’re Eve and Adam says he’s coming with you, should he eat the apple?”

He was looking for an immediate response.  A million things ran through my brain.  I put it in context of my husband and I.  My husband is pretty defiant, he would definitely be adamant about coming with me even though I was the one who screwed up.  (He’s a chivalrous guy, what can a gal say?)

However, the class didn’t hear all the thoughts in my head, all they heard was an immediate reaction of, “Probably not, but I would say, ‘Thanks for the company!”

Almost 75% of the class gasped.

The professor took it the way it was intended and laughed. Obviously I know Adam shouldn’t have eaten the apple.  I also happen to come from a Judeo-Christian background.  However, there was no one to tell the class this along with my inner monologue of 5 seconds.  Now to a class of up and coming literary professors and teachers I sound like a complete an utter heathen.  Thanks John Milton.



2 thoughts on “The great gasp

  1. Honesty is worth more than appearance, I’ve always felt. The rest of the world does not appear to agree with me, though. To understand Eve requires honesty not condemnation. Otherwise the real point of the story is lost.

    • Thank you for your honesty! Yes, if we didn’t acknowledge it, the story would definitely be lost. If she hadn’t eaten the apple, nothing would have happened, and we wouldn’t have learned about forgiveness and redemption! 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts!

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