Like most people I have dreams involving celebrities and strange happenings. In fact just yesterday I had a conversation with Richard Pryor in a dream about the hardships of life.  He couldn’t believe I had experienced anything of the sort.  When I retorted that I had in fact had suffering in life, he smiled with a resounding, “WHAAAAAT?” while he patiently sat waiting for the story to fall out of my mouth.  Unfortunately the alarm clock went off and I will never know what he was thinking or what advice he had to impart.



However, the strangest of dreams involve people I know in real life.  When I was sixteen I had a strange dream I finally had a dream sports car.  It was bright yellow, and shaped like a wedge of cheese with a spoiler.  It was like a Lamborghini but better. Apparently the car was super fast because it seemed as soon as I stepped into the car, I was already at school.  Once at school everyone was complimenting me on the newly aqcuired vehicle.  People in my art class were talking about how it could go from zero to sixty in “.06” seconds.  (That might explain the quick trek to school.)

Suddenly I’m outside in the school parking lot, getting into my car.  One of my friends from the school play stepped in front of my car to compliment me on it as I turned the key in the ignition.  Suddenly the car started to shake and I had to motion to her to move and get out of the way because I thought the car was going to blow up.

Unfortunately the entire ride home the car was shaking. When I pulled up to the house I saw my dad in the garage wearing his work clothes and told him what was wrong with the yellow angled automobile.  He had an oil rag in his hands and he looked down at the ground saying, “Well I’ll see what I can do.”

Like a movie, the dream faded to black and the next scene I saw the front of the inside garage door.  As I opened the door, sitting in the middle of the garage floor, was a yellow tricycle.  Dad walked up and said, “I’m sorry, this is all I could do.”

What strange dreams have you had?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”


8 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of cheese

  1. Sports car shaped like a wedge of cheese? And that part of your dad? 😉 Strange indeed. I’ve never had dreams of celebrities (it would be sweeter), or perhaps I did and just couldn’t remember as I rarely remember my dreams. But I did had a recent dreams which I remember… which seems oddly like an adaptation from a movie into my real life!

    I have been thinking (obsessing) about it a lot, wondering if it is just my imagination running wild or my subconscious actually trying to tell me something…
    if you have the chance, I’d appreciate you checking my post out:

    Cheers! xxx

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