Are they dead?

You’ve all played the, “Are they dead?” Game before. It’s where you are sitting there with a friend or loved one watching television or listening to music and suddenly you get into a friendly debate of whether or not the musician or actor in question is dead.

Recently my mother and I were watching T.V. When suddenly she questioned whether or not Little Richard was dead. We went back and forth a few rounds. Meanwhile my husband was in the kitchen pouring another cup of coffee listening in on the conversation.

As I was helping clean the house I said, “Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Rich Little?” She asked me to repeat myself. (We were two rooms apart.) “ARE YOU SURE YOU AREN’T THINKING OF RICH LITTLE?”

This is Rich Little…

“No, I’m thinking of Little Richard. Google it…look ‘im up.”

Being a true Rock n’ Roll fan I already knew the answer. He’s still alive. Did my word alone stand? No.  
So I relented and googled him while my husband was snickering in the kitchen. Low and behold, ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ he is alive and a ripe 83 years of age.

After we settled down from our lively debate my brain switched from the Rock n’ Roll to the Godfather of Soul. That’s right, James Brown himself sauntered, scooted, fake fainted and then got right back up in my brain.  

As you know my mother has recently had a stroke. Part of her recover is doing physical therapy exercises. I started thinking of what it would have been like if James Brown had been her physical therapist. He might have even missed his calling. I mentioned this to her and then showed her how his instruction might have gone, “GET ON UP! GET DOWN! GET ON UP! GET DOWN!”  

I just imagined her saying, “I’m trying Mr. Brown! I’m trying!” Never mind…he would have made the worst physical therapist ever.

What are some strange things you have thought while playing the “Are they dead?” Game? What are some funny things you have overheard your family say in the next room?

P.S. After having written this my dad just asked if Rich Little was dead.



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