The Supergirl Hygiene Conundrum

Having watched the show a few times, has lead me to think about other things that need to be approached with the storyline.

This is Supergirl, in case you weren’t sure.

The show is great, any age group can watch it, however I have a few issues with how they have addressed,Kara Danver’s, (a.k.a. Supergirl’s) hygiene.  In fact, they haven’t addressed it at all.

There are the obvious hygiene do issues, for instance, does she use super strength deodorant?  (You know the commercials for ‘Secret’ where they say, “Strong enough for a man, Ph balanced for a woman.”)  Being an alien female of super strength, how strong would her deodorant have to be?  What brand does she use to keep from sweating in her suit? All of us ladies know when she flies around town, kicks butt and hangs her cape up at the end of the night, she’s got to have some serious B.O. 

Speaking of what she does at the end of the night, how does she untangle her hair?  When she is in the air fighting or flying, her hair is whipping around back and forth like she’s in a Silento video.  I don’t know about you, but the last time I’ve ridden a roller coaster or held my head out the window of a flying plane I landed with a massive mess of tangles resembling a bird’s nest on my head.  Does she have a special brush to use?  What kind of conditioner does she have?  Is it made specifically for alien hair?  

When she’s looking in the mirror brushing her hair, does she also have time to pick the bugs out of her teeth? Frequently she is shown smiling after a battle, yet there aren’t any entomological remnants on her teeth.  I imagine when she’s in the sky baring her teeth, flying around like a Sunday driver, bugs are splattering on her incisors just as they do our windshields. Surely when she’s up there a few critters manage to get wrangled between her incisors and canine teeth?  Perhaps something get’s wrapped around her uvula making her cough?

When she goes into battle, she comes back to work, every hair in place, her teeth perfectly clean and smelling like a rose.  (That last fact isn’t certain because we can’t smell through the television screen; you get the point.). These are some things I think about while stocking shelves at work at my second job.  Since I can’t really concentrate on truth, justice or the American way, I will let the writers of Supergirl do that.  However, I wish they would also concentrate on her hygiene practices as well.

What are some characters from T.V. or literature that you have “tiny” issues with?  What do you wish they would address? 


2 thoughts on “The Supergirl Hygiene Conundrum

  1. I’ve thought about this some too but I have different questions. Like, where does she keep her boots, skirt and cape? I love the way Supergirl dresses for the office. She reminds me of me some 40 odd years ago, I dressed pretty much the same. So I know there isn’t any room under those clothes for more clothes! How does she do that? If I pull my shirt apart like that it’s to show off my very tiny scar! Superman changes in the booth, we assume he has extra clothes he keeps somewhere there but Supergirl is so petite… I wondered as much as a kid but none of this changes my view of Supergirl, then or now, I still admire her. She’s great!

    • Maybe her work outfit is like those grocery bags you can ball up and put on a key chain? Maybe they need to make telephone booths again. Crime has gone up since they don’t have a “changing room” anymore! Lol!

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