Just my type…

It’s not often when you work somewhere you fall seamlessly into place with the rest of your new co-workers.  My co-workers have taken me under their wing at my second job as their own.  If there are any questions they are sure to pitch in and show me the way. More importantly, we’ve all gotten to know each other pretty well and we’ve even gotten in to each other’s interests.  Recently one of my bosses wrote a short story prompted by a bored co-worker demanding he tell her one; thinking it would cure her boredom.  

Long story short, he felt it was a good story and asked for my opinion on how it was written.  We were finishing up our end night duties while going over some of the smaller nitty-gritty writing details like establishing a motif and indentfying when a new character was talking. At about this time my other boss walked in to fix his coffee before starting the overnight shift.  As he’s preparing his coffee he is listening in on what we are talking about.

     “What do you mean when you say indenting? What does this mean? (What does this do for the story)”

     “Say you’ve got a typewriter, and you’re typing this piece of paper here.” I said pointing to a document on a clip board, “See how everything is written?  Imagine if the next thing written was about five spaces over.  It’s a visual prompt for the reader to understand somebody different is speaking.”

     “Oh GAWD, nobody’s used a typewriter in like a billion years!”

     “Well you asked a question and I was sticking with technology you would know.”

Thankfully I’m still employed.

What is something that you have said that you probably shouldn’t have? What cheap comedic shot have you taken at someone? Do you regret it?


10 thoughts on “Just my type…

  1. A coworker with a broken arm and I (who has medical restrictions prohibiting me from lifting over a certain weight) were trying to straighten up in the lumber department. As an employee from another department walked by, the coworker with the broken arm declared, “why are the two cripples doing the heavy work while the healthy kid just strolls past?”
    The passing employee snarkily replied, “well, I wish I was injured so I could get out of working as hard.”
    I replied, ” It can be arranged…”

  2. Over the years I had noticed in my company that the month of the year for receiving the annual bonus kept shifting further away from the beginning of the year. Two..three years ago I “kind of” resigned, and in my longer overall neutral explanation email I couldn’t help but sarcastically remarking: “While employees in other companies here receive a 13th month bonus – we instead receive a bonus every thirteen months.”.

    Thankfully, I’m still employed (with a new, better-paying contract).

      • Well, I would not say it was because of the sarcasm. But it was rather because of my serious quitting-threat, and /despite/ the sarcasm. Haha

  3. Thank you for sharing your story – very funny 😀 I have a somewhat similar experience, though I think I was more blunt.
    A couple of years ago, I worked for my city’s poet’s union, and my boss and I were looking over some small edited files that I was proof-reading for consistency. When asked my opinion, I said that the person who had edited the documents last was probably the worst editor in the world, judging by the number of mistakes I had found in the first couple of pages alone.
    As it turns out, my boss was the editor…long story short, she didn’t fire me…instead, she obviously noticed how much of an (over-inflated) opinion I had of my own editorial skill, and so decided to give me a dozen or so LARGE documents to edit.
    Good times!

    • Somehow this comnent slipped through, sorry for the delayed response! Wow…SO FUNNY! At least she didn’t take too much offense and saw your worth by giving you more work! LOL! You know, in that situation, when you see someone working for you who has ceryain strengths, they tend to be relied upon more…did you ever get promoted? 🙂 Ha ha ha…

      • Thank you for the reply. I agree with you, that those with specific strengths are occasionally pushed to do more. I was given some extra duties, including a marketing role and event management. It was a contract position though, so after completion of several duties, I moved on.

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