Brawny over brains

Dorothy Parker used to wake up and sharpen her tongue. I on the other hand, sharpened my tongue and forgot to do the same with my brain.

Normally if I get an idea for a blog, I’ll make a quick quip on Twitter using my readers there as a litmus test for the fodder you read here.  The other day, trying to be witty, I awoke a cleaning giant.


You see it all started on a Friday night. A seedling of an idea planted when stocking the paper towels at my second job.  I always knew the Tom Selleck looking guy in the above left picture to be on the product. Instead I found this…


I missed the hairy old lug. So I figured writing a blog about him would be funny hence the “tweet” picture above.

Sure I expected a few sarcastic thumbs up, likes, and “ha ha’s” in the comment section, but I didn’t expect what came a couple of days later…


The first thought that came to mind when I saw the stubbly beard is another quote from Dororhy Parker, “What fresh hell is this?”

Yeah, the ol’ lumberjack could have come back with an equally snarky, sarcastic sounding tweet, but instead was the bigger person; literally and figuratively.

Never pick a fight with a clean lumberjack.

What tweets or blog entries do you regret?


3 thoughts on “Brawny over brains

  1. Hey Quirky… did you get your free roll of paper towels? Good going Brawny… you’re paying attention! Love it!

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