Emojis & Millenials

The other day one of my best friends sent a group text letting us know her phone was back up and working.  Naturally I was elated, my knee jerk reaction was to text back all caps and multiple exclamation marks celebrating her return to the technology world.  The only problem is, I too just got a new phone, and am not as adept with technology.

I clicked on her message, typed in “YAAAAAAAY!!!” and hesitated to send.  I realized, it was probably best to stop there and not get too personal seeing as I might accidentally send this to all of her friends.  So I followed it with this Emoji…


At least that is what I thought I did.  Apparently on my new phone there are several kissing emojis.  What I thought was an innocent emoticon doing a “cheek kiss” behavior wound up being something completely different.

Over the next couple of minutes I received messages saying, “Who is this?”  This only confirmed I made the right decision in not making the text too personal. 

Then today I received a text saying, “I see I got a kiss, whose number is this?”


Now not only had I pushed the wrong “kissy” emoji to my friend, now one of her friends was accidentally catfished by my emoji and the false intention set out by it’s puckered lips.

What do you do next in this situation?  Do you let it lie and let the person on the other end wonder forever who sent  them a “lovely” text?  Do you text back and potentially break their heart? 

I did what I would want in that situation and told the truth.  I told them they were  a victim of a Gen-Xer trying to keep up with Millenials in the best way she knew how but failed to check the emoji dictionary.  Well; in fewer words I told this person that. 

They thankfully texted back with an, “Oh, Ok” followed by an LOL.  That is one of the many things I love about Millenials, they are so understanding of us old folks.  Even if we’re only older by a few years.

What flare ups have you had with technology and communication?  What technology still eludes you?😚



2 thoughts on “Emojis & Millenials

    • Thank you Grace! Yes it is do hard, last i counted there were 4 kissing emojis on my phone, how can you tell which is the flirty one and which is friendly? Do you think emojis further hinder the communication process? Thanks for the smile! 😙

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