Destination Meditation

Usually at night before going to bed I will do a guided visualization meditation. It’s pretty easy to try, for some people it keeps them up, some it provides relaxation. For me it usually provides ease of tension in muscles and gives me ideas for blogs and art, and hope for the future.


The other night I was doing a meditation on youtube through the Ayelet channel. She does a guided visualization of you looking in the mirror at yourself and visualizing 1 and then 5 years from now. It gives you a clear sense of who you are and where you want to be as a person.

So there I was, envisioning my future successful self as a traveling writer and teacher. Meanwhile my parents’ cat whom we’re babysitting is pawing at me to share the covers.


Ok, that was only a mild distraction. I then set out in a journey of ten years from the date it was when I did this meditation. I visualized walking down the street an older wiser woman with sage advice, peace in her heart and a sense of joy.

Then in the middle of the guided meditation came the next jarring thought uttered out of Ayelet’s mouth. Imagine your “favorite destination.”

I’ve been concentrating so much on the here and now that I’ve not had time with my husband to find a cool place we both like to go. Back in the day I would have said Blueberry Hill or Pie restaurant in St. Louis. However I no longer reside there. I’ve been to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and that is about it. Most of those places I went to in college to visit a close friend, therefore it was not a site seeing trip.

Honestly my husband and I dream of going to Italy where we can indulge our former art student selves and drool over the work in the Sistene Chapel or see other famous sites. I dream of traveling and meeting my fellow bloggers with my husband going to exciting places and meeting interesting people.

But when I meditate, I cant get there. I know when meditating its an exercise of being in that moment. In this particular exercise it was being in a moment of the future, but it’s hard to imagine the geographics when you’ve never been  there. I can imagine the feeling of walking into the Sistene Chapel, and the possible smell of the plastered walls, but it is the visual I cant seem to grasp.

Maybe I don’t have a destination because we will soon discover one. As a kid my favorite destinations were under the bushes in my friend’s yard where we would pretend it was a secret hideout even though everyone knew about it. My other favorite destinations have included family members homes, friends’ homes, the clubhouse my parents built in the backyard, and the limestone piles of rocks my friend and I would hike in the winter.

Do I really need a favorite place? I started panicking in my meditative state because I was truly stumped. All of the places I listed are still favorite places, but they are also memories from the past, some have changed, some no longer exist. So what is my new destination of the future? Has it even been created yet?


I guess the question I pose to you dear readers, is this; do you run into this problem too? Are all your favorite places in the past?

Sure we all have hopes and dreams of visiting some place, but is there a favorite place in the here and now you can guarantee will be there in the future?


4 thoughts on “Destination Meditation

  1. Nice post, and very thought provoking. When thinking about places that I have enjoyed attending, I am brought to them by first thinking of the people I went there with. In my view, a place is only as good as the people you experience them with, whether they be a friend, family member, or that special someone. With this in mind, no favorite place is either in the past, or in the future, as long as I have someone that I love by my side to enjoy them with. Yes. some particular memories of places are better than others, however, that’s often because I enjoyed the company of those I was with, and I long to return to such locations to make new, and equally beautiful memories with other people.

    • I really loved what you have to say here. You are so right about the place being more about the person you are with. I think mostly though, when I want to revisit those places with a friend, or if I would like to take my husband to share a childhood place only to find it no longer exists kind of makes me sad because I feel like the memory can’t be fully shared unless you experience the place. (Hopefully that came out right?). What you said is so beautiful and SPOT ON! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom! 😀

  2. The exercise of meditating sounds calming though it is hard for me to do. I do some deep breathing exercises that help to calm me but they don’t provide me with any visions of traveling. I don’t think I want to be anywhere but where I am at the moment anyway, surrounded by the love and affection of my own family. Secure with the belief that they are here for me and always will be. Have a heart attack and you have been warned. Have bypass surgery and you get to amend that warning. But have a stroke and you truly begin life anew. All the wonders in my life at the moment are small but happy. It was just a few months ago that I learned to walk again. Tie my shoes again! Could I envision myself somewhere else? Possibly, but for me that would be dreaming really BIG. I can walk now but oh, how I would love to be able to run again right here in my own neck of the woods!

    • If you can dream it, you can do it. Wise words that were once spoken to me. You will one day be able to run again, and mediation can also be used as a tool to make that future a reality. 😉

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