This is bananas…

This is just a quick thought on my lunch break.

The other day I was filling in as 8th grade history teacher while the teacher I work for/with was testing other students. We were talking about things happening in history “again”. That’s when I quietly sang the first few bars of Brittany Spears’s song, “Oops I did it again.” Not even a smile was cracked. I looked up from the book and said, “You know the song, by Brittany Spears…”

The student in the back asked, “Who’s Brittany Spears?”


It didn’t quite settle in yet what was happening until l worked my second job the next day. I was working the checkout next to the magazines. The only recognizable faces on the glossy covers were mainly because of students educating me. I recognized Drew Barrymore and Megyn Kelly; and thats about it.

It didn’t hit me until halfway through a Redbook magazine that most publications see my generation as no longer marketable.

I’m officially old, and it feels good.


I love not being pandered to. No longer do magazines think I can easily be pursuaded into something I dont need. Now the magazines for my generation and older feature color, designs and garden patterns you can do yourself. It seems the main focus for Generation X and early Millenials is self reliance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still envious of other generations.

The babyboomers.

The babyboomers still have the best music, and their magazines have now changed into those trendy coloring books you see everywhere.

If they don’t like something in a magazine they can become a kid again and make the colors up as they go!

What have you noticed visibly about your generation in marketing? What appeals to you about it?


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