An app to look back

Dear Facebook,

I’ve noticed you’ve added a new feature. Does this new feature really have to be ghosts of my past self?

Do you realize reminding some people of their past is like turning a thorn in their side?

The other night you reminded me of when I admitted in a round-about-way to being lonely and flirting with the IT guy at the other end of my phone while setting up my internet.  This also reminded me that my parents were kind of forced into helping me move last minute (even though they won’t admit they were.) It also reminded me upon walking out of the bedroom after the phonecall my parents asked me if I had been talking to a friend because I was laughing so much.  You reminded me that I was glad to remember how it felt for someone to be flirty with me just based on my personality.

That one little moment you suggested I repost also reminded me of the other blog I used to write on. It reminded me of how once the internet started working in my new place, I chronicled my first single experiences of trying to laugh instead of cry. It reminded me of how I tried to see something as a bright point in my life when it was just a dim light compared to what my life is now.

Just a suggestion facebook, if you could make this app screen for happy moments that would be a huge improvement. 

Like when I realized my career goal should be to work with Special Ed students and Behavioral disorder kids. Maybe you could remember the many times a student made me laugh with something funny they said and I posted it?

Maybe you could remind people of when they worked at a job they liked? Maybe you could remind me of the first art class I taught or the new friends I’ve since made while teaching this past year? Maybe you could remind me of all the cool things we’ve made?

What if you made an app that looked back into the user’s past  pre-Facebook?  I know this isn’t humanly possible…yet, but since I am a frequent user I figure you might hear me out and get on it.  

Maybe your app could peer into my brain and pick out moments like the following and turn them into Facebook posts:

“Today my best friends made me laugh so hard Pepsi came out of my nose! All the upperclassmen were staring. #pepsiboogers #chugchugchug 

“Oops, today I didn’t double knot my shoelaces enough and they wound around the pedals on my bike. #fellover #thankgodnotraffic

“Today my mom made me iron my Umbros before playing football with the neighborhood friends. #nerd

“Today I almost ate a bee at the zoo confusing it for a soggy Dorito chip. #onceyoupopyoucanstop

“Tried to toilet paper a neighbors yard. Note to self and my bestie, take more than one roll. #stuck #inatree

“Today I crowd surfed. #living

These are just some ideas I’mve been spit-ballin’; my two cents if you will.  

Yours Sincerely,
Quirky Girl

What moments have been brought up by Facebook that you’d rather forget? What moments do you wish you could post from your past (if you were born pre-Facebook etc.)?


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