Minty not so fresh

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the mint rolling around at the bottom of your Grandma’s purse?

You know, the rogue mint last in the pack with a tiny piece of foil still wrapped around it.  The mint that hides under Nana’s wallet when someone with bad breath was desperate enough to need it.

The other day I was that mint.

When my anxiety acts up, I hide from social media.  Even though violent events are far away, I still feel sorrow for those going through such horrendous acts.  Within a few days apart Alton Sterling was in the news, the Dallas police shootings, and Nice; France.  So much violence and feeling helpless I turned inward.  This last month has made me wish superheroes were real and maybe injustice wouldn’t happen.

As soon as news about Alton Sterling hit, my friends were having to explain what it is like to be black in America to those who didn’t understand.  Because of this heinous act they were having to defend themselves, their point of view and they shouldn’t have to.

Then came the Dallas police shootings, waking up to this news before work made me fear for my friends across the nation.  Then came the horrible news from Nice.  Waking up knowing that someone is killing because of warped ideals is frightening to me.  Prior to all of this we had to deal with the Orlando shootings and bombings in Bangladesh.

Each time something happened I would post on Facebook how I was sending prayers and thoughts out to all of the families and people suffering.  Each day it seemed as if I was posting prayers for more victims.  Eventually I stopped watching the news, and turned off Facebook for a while.

Shortly before logging off of Facebook, a friend posted something vague and it seemed as if he was going through something similar.  He was also grieving the loss of a loved one in addition to feeling helpless with everything going on in the world.  Just to let him know I understood I clicked the sad button.

I quickly shut off my Facebook during my 15 minute break and went back to work.  He had sent me a private message saying thank you for the thoughts.  On my 30 minute lunch break we chatted back and forth, I asked him questions about what was going on and in private he was able to get it all off of his chest.  In a way, helping him with his problems, helped ease my anxiety too.  We were both rogue mints waiting for someone with a bad day to help them out.

Thank you friend for indulging this mint.



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