Degrees of Deodorant Willingness

At my second job I was putting up sale tags and wound up in the deodorant aisle.  As the tags went up as quick as my fingers could put them there, I noticed a trend.  Almost all of the men’s deodorants have something to do with movement, and generally being active.  I think the Degree company is assuming too much of your average American male.

I’m not saying we’re an under-active country as a whole, but if you look at us, most of us work desk jobs, sit in traffic, and come home to a T.V. dinner while we watch Netflix. (Again, I say most of us.)


As I kept putting the tags up I started wondering how well their marketing tactics worked.  If said person is sitting at a desk wiling away their hours in front of a computer screen, if they happen to quickly stretch and flap their arms, will their deodorant make them think of being on Mt. Everest?  Will they honestly feel like they are having an Adventure?

Since when did we start looking at antiperspirants as a means of escape from everyday life?  If it were me, I would name one, “couch potato”, something that relates to everyone.  (Let’s be honest, we’ve all been one at one point, and if you haven’t you’re about to be.)  The other one would be named, “mothballs” for the person reading comic books and stuck living in their grandma’s basement.

As I started writing this and doing research, the Axe brand also has some curious names, names like; “Twist”, “Apollo”, “Phoenix”, “Anarchy”.  I couldn’t figure out if Axe was marketing to the X-men, Greek gods or 90‘s drug dealers who still use pagers.  At least Old Spice isn’t taking themselves too seriously…

Old Spice

I started noticing the women’s versions were all named after flowers, fruit or a state of mind, like “Peace”.  Since when has a woman ever been truly at peace?  Even if she says she is, she’s always thinking or worried about something.  There is even a deodorant named “Daisy”.  Just being honest here, I burn through deodorants like a rapper burns through money.  I can assure you by the end of the 8 hour guarantee promised on the label of a favorite deodorant, through one day of work, working out (boxing), cleaning etc. I will not be as fresh as a “Daisy”.



     If you could make a deodorant what would you name it?  Why?


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